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  1. A-F-A

    Labidochromis Freibergi

    Sorry hareysfish Stupid I phone
  2. A-F-A

    Labidochromis Freibergi

    Yeh I used to breed them in good numbers but selling fry was extremely hard don't know y but they were perfect specimens I gave my mate a quad for his display tank but ended up giving the rest away to peoe may be able to track them down Also Harvey's fish Aka Scott breeds them and ships he is in Gladstone qld I could hook you guys up if you like The is on ozfishforsale Think he is a mod on there try hitting him up he should be able to sort you out
  3. A-F-A


    Had a look cat find it there is some but not the flavus
  4. A-F-A


    Nice pics will be good
  5. A-F-A


    Was wondering if anyone was keeping any Pseudotropheus flavus as the quality is not avalible any more Would love to see some pics if some as I would like to get a line breeding program in place to save this species from total desaster Plzz share them with us and depending on the quality I will be buying some so this is a good power unity to advertise your fish at the same time The key is the yellow as the baring is a lot easier to breed into them but yellow is hhhaaaaarrrrddd
  6. A-F-A

    Thanks Jpm

    Just like to say a big thanks to Jason / jpm for a way and professional delivery of some big fish that I had shipped from him this week This was a risky one as the fish were 25 cm and there were a few of them He done a terrific job with the packing and every the ran smoothly with the fish arriving on time and were packed wonderfully Any one thinking of using him or getting shipped fish from him rest assured the fish will have the best if he is packing them A total of 49 fish and all arrived happy and healthy Thanks mate will be doing business with you again it was a breeze
  7. A-F-A

    Some Pics of the A.Christyi

    I hate that fish Brent......... It makes me so jealous I can't stand it
  8. A-F-A

    Latest Baby Ranchu (Side View)

    Nice Brent as always
  9. A-F-A

    Malawi eye biter

    Agree anal fin is not the best observation at a small size as it will extend and start to point when the male starts to mature On most large haps I find the first thing to change is the edging on the fins and he should start to get this on the top fin before anything
  10. A-F-A

    170L Stocking Ideas for a Newbie?

    Neolamprologus brichardi Mabey this would appeal to you ??? They are rather nice little fish that go well in a planted tank Also if they bred you can leave the fry in the tank so you can grow a little community if fish ranging from mature adults to eggs with no issues
  11. A-F-A

    Malawi eye biter

    Agree it would be impossible to sex at 2.5 cm are is the anal fin pointy ? Also a pic would help quite a bit also
  12. A-F-A

    Malawi eye biter

    It's only 10 cm at what size did you buy it ???
  13. A-F-A

    Egg Tumbler suggestions

    I have some of them from qld They work well on mbuna eggs but had a lot of trouble trying to hatch haps in them not sure y Had a lot more success using a strainer with a piece of fishing line tied in the center / lowest point That has a sinker tied to it about 100-150 mm below the strainer then attach a air hose and fine air stone to the sinker This allows you to run a very small amount of air as the uplift has a distance to build up Also the sinker keeps every thing in the center of the strainer Works the best I have found and had 90+% hatch rate And costs like $3 to set up
  14. A-F-A

    Where are the guys with blue lipstick?

    All the rage in the states but not in aus unfortunately It's a dam shame
  15. A-F-A

    F1 fossorochromis rostratus

    The camera dose not pick up half the iridescent color that he throws of as we all know he is amassing hope he gets a. Bit of copper in the head but the green is awesome ill go an update in 6 months His brother is the same fully colored at 8 cm also in a mates tank