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  1. Ah yeah sweet that's why I was wondering I have had some in the past and get anhilated within a week haha. Good luck!
  2. Hey nice tank!! What plants are you growing over there to the right?
  3. dawghuntr

    My tank

    New beginner tank with fish
  4. Ha ha yep your most probably right! Are you recommending silicone to prevent the glass from breaking? Because of stability? The weight might still be a problem though?
  5. Yeah ok don't know what glass my tanks made of :$ I thought about using silicone but thougt that nigt be a little too perminate. Hopefully the rock on the left won't be a problem as I've got 3-4 rocks on the base to spread the load. It's just so hard to get these tanks to look impressive without gaining height and most of the other rocks from the lfs are $$$$$
  6. Yeah I was worried about the weight at first and the more I googled it I found a link to a video of a guy stacking like7-9 REALLY heavy sandstone rocks on his tank all balanced on a brick! And it was fine gave me some confidence to do this! And most of them arnt balenced on the glass all stacked on each other then on the base. So fingers crossed!
  7. Hey guys just thought i'd upload a progress pic for my 4ft African tank, see if you guys had any thoughts on the layout. And also my tank still seems pretty bare and thinking of adding more fish, i know people ask this all the time but what are peoples opinions on how many fish in a mixed african tank.. Cheers! <a href="http://s43.photobucket.com/user/josh_nelson3/media/IMG_4239_zpsc13252ac.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e372/josh_nelson3/IMG_4239_zpsc13252ac.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo IMG_4239_zpsc13252ac.jpg"/></a>
  8. Also did you get the "flexible" type? Approx how much did it cost?
  9. Litho so you have the sponge in there for bacteria? I think I might take it out I'm thinking about doing a 3d background of sorts and might just cause to much clashing. Thanks dazz
  10. Hey guys, I have a 200L 4ft tank with approx. 16 approx 6cm fish. At the moment i have a 1200L/ph canister filter and a sponge filter but i am trying to aquascape my tank atm, trying to make it look better. the sponge filter is just ugly. In your experience do you guys think the sponge filter will be adventageous? or is the canister filter sufficient?
  11. also looking for one! Do you know if they can be glued in-situ with a full tank and sand? Or would the tank have to be emptied and dry? I seem to recall people using special glues but dont know?
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