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  1. thanks for the reply I ended up buying a bag of play sand from Bunnings but I think I got more mud than sand I didn't like it anyhow as you said to fine and would end up causing problems. I also got a bag of pool filter sand from Clark Rubber which is coarser than the play sand I tested with some acid and got no reaction. I'm thinking of some sort of Geo and something a bit smaller that is compatible not 100% sure yet I'll set the tank up and see what's available. Cheers
  2. After many years of keeping African cichlids with shell grit substrate I have now decided to set up a couple of South American tanks. I've read a lot of post about substrate where people are using play sand filter sand paving sand etcetera and it looks like it comes down to personal preference. So before I make up my mind which one to use was wondering if someone could tell me if these sands and gravels are inert and pH neutral. Cheers and everyone have a great Christmas
  3. Hi just wondering if anybody is using fresh water fairy shrimp as live food. Look very similar to brine shrimp but I can't find any reference to anyone using them is there a reason for this.cheers
  4. Tori

    best food for conditioning large malawi haps

    I use to be a pro fisherman @ Forster NSW & i can asure you there is no preservative on local fresh cooked prawns only rock salt. I can't say whats on the frozen crap that comes in from overseas.
  5. Tori

    Pallet Racking

    Just been on Graysonline looking for a hydraulic press & came across Dexion pallet racking. The auction ends today & at the moment there is 6 bays for 239 there is other lots as well. Pick up Kirrawee
  6. Tori

    air pumps -- need help/advise

    Would a little blower be a better option ? I know the impeller on a blower make some noise but thay don't vibrate which is your problem.
  7. Tori

    Brine shrimp

    Hi wondering what brand of brine shrimp eggs people are using & where is the best place to buy them. cheers.
  8. Tori

    Custom Glass Lid in Sydney

    Sydney glass at Bankstown 97902830
  9. Tori

    Trouble with Resun LP40

    Have you got a hose clamp on it?
  10. Tori

    Different ways to build a tank

    Sorry I didn't read chuckmeisters reply to big of a hurry to feed fish.
  11. Tori

    Different ways to build a tank

    Im no tank builder but my thoughts are that with method one the water pressure is trying to push the joint apart & with two it is trying to shear the joint & it's a lott easer to shear than push or pull things apart.
  12. Tori


    Thanks for that. I did the same just checking before I put it in. Thanks
  13. Tori


    Is bamboo safe to use in aquariums? Cheers
  14. Tori

    Snail killer chemicals and Peppermints?

    Youtube aquatic snail trap, might thin then out.
  15. Tori

    My new set up

    I used dunlop render and oxide on a 4x1 mtr background for a pond then sealed it with clear concrete sealer its been 12 monhs under water and its still fine I also use grout for smaller rocks and caves etc. I think if I was to make another background I would experiment with a black pond sealer covered in sand or gravel