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  1. I have seen some imported electric yellows the original Imports I think it was back in the early 90s. A Scottish gentleman in I think it was Padstow in Sydney bred them up and then released them onto the market one Saturday. I went to his place with a mate from Botany to have a look at these new fish and they were stunning a room full of brilliant yellow perfectly formed fish was amazing 1 adult male especially I can still picture vividly. I was out of the game for a lot of years but haven't saw a fish that would hold a candle to the original stock. I never bought any that day at $120 a fish they were out of my price range at the time so yes it was a long time ago and I'm getting old but I'm pretty sure what I've said is correct but I do remember one thing they were better than anything I've seen lately
  2. thanks for the reply I ended up buying a bag of play sand from Bunnings but I think I got more mud than sand I didn't like it anyhow as you said to fine and would end up causing problems. I also got a bag of pool filter sand from Clark Rubber which is coarser than the play sand I tested with some acid and got no reaction. I'm thinking of some sort of Geo and something a bit smaller that is compatible not 100% sure yet I'll set the tank up and see what's available. Cheers
  3. After many years of keeping African cichlids with shell grit substrate I have now decided to set up a couple of South American tanks. I've read a lot of post about substrate where people are using play sand filter sand paving sand etcetera and it looks like it comes down to personal preference. So before I make up my mind which one to use was wondering if someone could tell me if these sands and gravels are inert and pH neutral. Cheers and everyone have a great Christmas
  4. Hi just wondering if anybody is using fresh water fairy shrimp as live food. Look very similar to brine shrimp but I can't find any reference to anyone using them is there a reason for this.cheers
  5. Tori

    best food for conditioning large malawi haps

    I use to be a pro fisherman @ Forster NSW & i can asure you there is no preservative on local fresh cooked prawns only rock salt. I can't say whats on the frozen crap that comes in from overseas.
  6. Tori

    Pallet Racking

    Just been on Graysonline looking for a hydraulic press & came across Dexion pallet racking. The auction ends today & at the moment there is 6 bays for 239 there is other lots as well. Pick up Kirrawee
  7. Tori

    air pumps -- need help/advise

    Would a little blower be a better option ? I know the impeller on a blower make some noise but thay don't vibrate which is your problem.
  8. Tori

    Brine shrimp

    Hi wondering what brand of brine shrimp eggs people are using & where is the best place to buy them. cheers.
  9. Tori

    Custom Glass Lid in Sydney

    Sydney glass at Bankstown 97902830
  10. Tori

    Trouble with Resun LP40

    Have you got a hose clamp on it?
  11. Tori

    Different ways to build a tank

    Sorry I didn't read chuckmeisters reply to big of a hurry to feed fish.
  12. Tori

    Different ways to build a tank

    Im no tank builder but my thoughts are that with method one the water pressure is trying to push the joint apart & with two it is trying to shear the joint & it's a lott easer to shear than push or pull things apart.
  13. Tori


    Thanks for that. I did the same just checking before I put it in. Thanks
  14. Tori


    Is bamboo safe to use in aquariums? Cheers
  15. Tori

    Snail killer chemicals and Peppermints?

    Youtube aquatic snail trap, might thin then out.