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  1. Just wanted to get everyone thoughts of having empty tank with no rocks, pots, caves etc for breeding.... has anyone tried it? I keep on hearing that you need caves or pots for breeding however i dont seem to have any luck. I'm worried thought that when they get skittish they dart up to the lids and no where to hide when you have an empty tank.
  2. frontoes

    to have gravel or not?

    I have at the moment crush coral and i'm thinking of removing the crushed coral, would it better for cichilds to breed without crush coral or not? Thanks
  3. Hi Lloyd, 

    Just wondering if there is any chance you got getting any wild caught Lamprologus ocellatus (gold or black occies)?



  4. frontoes

    feeding frontosa floating pellets

    is float alot more worser than bloat?
  5. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone feeds their fronts with floating pellets? Is it true that they may get bloated? or is it okay to feed them with it. Thanks Ed
  6. frontoes

    fish importers in sydney

    Does anyone know any fish importers in particular with Lake Tanganyika cichlids around sydney or Australia? I'm after a few cichilds but its hard to find in here.
  7. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone is using the new batch of NLS High concentration formula Thera +A? It is the worst formula ever made by them.... Every time I feed them they poop like crazy as it they don't absorb or utilize the ingredients. I only feed them once a day very minimal as well. Not very happy Does anyone suggest any other alternative pellets?
  8. frontoes

    Male dancing but not spawning

    I get that alot from my fronnies hoping that they are gonna spawn but next day later, it was like nothing has happened. Don't know what it means when the male dances and chases the female alot and especially not eating.
  9. frontoes

    Brine shrimp

    I'm using ocean nutrient they claim to have 98% hatch success rate....just having issues raising them to adult size (its been a real struggle)
  10. frontoes

    raising brine shrimp

    Hi Chris, Do you know if it is best to feed the baby brine shrimp as soon as they hatch? Thanks
  11. frontoes

    raising brine shrimp

    Does anyone know how to raise baby brine shrimp to adult size? Every time I have babies, a couple of days later they slowly die. Thanks
  12. frontoes

    fronts aren't breeding

    Peter what food you do feed your fronts? I would really like mine to be looking like yours
  13. frontoes

    fronts aren't breeding

    now i got my kh and gh up (13 drops it took to change into yellow using API test kit) and ph around 8.4 - i guess it just a waiting game now. Just wondering do you recommend feeding just Hikari sinking pellets as their only food? Or should it be mixed with live food? I'm thinking of buy a brine shrimp hatchery and harvest my own brine shrimp, what are your thoughts? Also whats a good staple food hikari or NLS for thickness? Mine WC Male is long around 26cms but he not that thick as in vertical.. Mine Mwpimbwe are F1 and they are alot younger but damn they are alot bigger than my WC Kit male
  14. frontoes

    fronts aren't breeding

    would you recommended aquasonic carbonate hardness?
  15. frontoes

    fronts aren't breeding

    has anyone tried adding marine salt mix to increase gh, kh and ph? Is it safe for frontosa as well?