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  1. Wow crazy, it's been 1 year since i had this setup and sadly only now the female dovi lives in the tank with the two feather fin catfish. The dovi started to pick on the salvini after the last water change which i did only 2 days ago and the salvini died the day after. my Toga sadly passed away just last weekend or so, it was fine one day then the next it was already too late to save it. they really do show almost no signs until its too late. Anyway I'm contemplating about staring again because buying big fish to suit the dovii is normally more expensive then buying the younger ones.. That and I'm pretty sad my favourite of the bunch died. Just thought I'll update since I'm passing by on the forum.
  2. i guess this is turning into like a "My tank" thread... picked up a normal JD, a good 5cm in size and now the biggest player in the tank and settled in well over night. will get pics up
  3. well well well the first victim to find piece in the tank was the smallest, most expensive out of the 5, the little EB Jack Dempsy. i found it half eaten yesterday, no eyeball, no fins, just the body..i was not too impressed since that was one fish i wanted to stay alive..R.I.P young fin Now im not pointing any fingers at any of the other fish just yet though because i did not see any fish picking on the Dempsy. if anything i thought it would of had been the Dovii killing the Salvini since its always the first one to be chased. the Red terror is basically top dog of the tank and no one bothers it and it doesn't really bother anyone besides the Dovii when it tries to pick a fight the Fire mouth if anything was the Dempsy rival being similar size, and the only one i witness to have a competition with when it came to feeding time.. other then that the dempsy was a lone wolf, it did not swim with the pack and lived solo and was actually not bothered by any of the fish 99% of the time, which makes me wonder which of the fish is the MOLL. now i also bought 2x featherfin cat fish for the tank about 2 weeks ago now, but i dont think they have anything to do with it...or do they? my LFS wont have any EB JD for sale anymore so i might have to settle for a normal JD if he has any left. My " hunger game" continues.. on the other hand my Saratoga has claimed 3 common lizard as a treat, they are the common house lizard you find around the garden, you know the one im talking about. Nature was so real in the tank, creeping up to the play dead lizard, the toga aiming for the lizards head, next thing it gets sucked up and gone...was expecting it to be so much more dramatic but o well, a treat is a treat. i'll get my GoPro in the tank and take a short video when im bothered, maybe when they grow a little more so its a little more exciting
  4. update bought 2x 2217 and they work great! also now its housing a dovii, red terror, firemouth, salvini, EB jack dempsy Toga is still in the 4ft tank until the above grow at least 7cm each or fat enough to not fit the toga's mouth. might need some catfish to sweep the bottom floor too so might visit the LFS again. i only have an iphone so its not worth putting up any photos, they take the worst pictures indoors, though i did record a short footage so will load that up soon
  5. it will cost about $1500 to buy all that brand new without fish or more, $750 is a good buy for that package
  6. too low? i did not expect that at all lol Thanks for the advise
  7. Yeah i'll post a picture of my toga soon Question and im sure you guys see this a lot Im thinking of getting two eheim 2217 for my 6x2x2..is this an overkill for my tank size? its actually 190cm in length to be exact and have calculated to hold 680L of water or close to it. It will house my Toga and hope to have 4-5 other American Cichild with him and even maybe a peakcock bass, but not sure if im willing to care for such a big beast knowing it will be one of the largest fish in the tank in 6months..but thats roughly the monsters im looking to care for. im going to start feeding my Toga fresh food like white bait and prawns to mix up the diet a bit where as its only ever been on a hikari diet since a free swimming fry + the cichids and their waste also. So will two eheim 2217 be an over kill or will it'll be fine?..
  8. Hello and welcome some nice looking fish you've got yourself there, guessing in due time you'll be getting a bigger tank?
  9. Hi Daniel yes i did, and im assuming your him? lol The Leichardti is doing very well too i might add, im slowly setting up my 6ftx2x2 i just got, should be up and running and ready for fish by mid week
  10. really appreciate all the feed back guys i think i get the idea now, should be buying at 6ft tank tonight so guess i'll go shopping this weekend for Tank buddys.
  11. Thanks for the insight Gav how aggressive do you find your Jardini with the others? or did it only just wanted to EAT the fish instead of fight it?
  12. Hi, Thanks for the reply Yeah i thought adding tank mates might save it from its insanity a bit.
  13. Hi all hope the below isn't to confusing and hard to answer i have a Toga at 15cm in size currently in a 4ftx2ftx2ft or so tank, upgrading to 6ftx2ftx2ft real soon. Wanting to get tank mates for my Toga because the 4ft tank is plain, the 6 ft will be even more plain and empty. what is the best way to go about with this? like how would i introduce the fish to each other? My Toga has never been with any other free swimming fish besides a small pleco it lives with so i do not know its personallity towards other fish. im looking at getting an electric blue Jack Dempsy, maybe a Jaguar cichild if i can source one locally and others if i can confirm they will all live together in a 6ft tank..peacfully enough My Toga is pretty wild, ive had him since 4cm and it's still very scared of anything and anyone getting close to the tank, ive been trying to spend "quality time" with my Toga by just sitting close and watching it like a stalker trying to get it more use to me being around the tank etc but it isn't turning out to well. Fast movement or vibration such as foot steps while walking into the room will scare it. Any thoughts on what else i could try?
  14. Welcome to the forums Richard#86 :)

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