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  1. Hi there can’t message you privately but would like to know if you have any geophagus available 

    1. myster619


      Sorry I don't

  2. Did you take any pictures of yours?
  3. If they are legit (I am not an expert on these), I guess you can dictate the price as I don't think there are others selling them. But if its too high, it may not sell. How much were you thinking? I maybe interested in getting some.
  4. Who still has the aquarium strain of E. maculatus?
  5. Except the Acaras and Firemouths, you will have to upgrade their tank anyway. If you start with small ones, they will get used to each other and you will have time to decide to upgrade or go another direction.
  6. Good choices. You should get some Argentea too.
  7. What is the current state of eartheaters in Oz? Do we still have all the same species as before? Any new introductions recently? Who still has Neambi and Altifrons?
  8. Are the new import laws coming in effect from March or has anything changed? How will this really affect the hobbyists and the local fish shops?
  9. If you are still looking. I have one for sale at the moment. The external diameter is 16mm. http://www.aceforums.com.au/index.php?showtopic=60574
  10. Sponge filters mate. Much cheaper than these name brand stuff and no need to customise your tanks.
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