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  1. At first I was like woah those are nice then saw the top view japanese orandas and fell off my chair, holy crap those are stunning!
  2. thats sad news richard he was a cute little thing. now its time to start fresh, some nice african cichlids this time??
  3. i drove past last sunday and for some reason it looked like it was closed. the lights werent on... hope all is well
  4. that sucks damo, its upsetting to know there are people out there who would take away something a man has worked hard to get!
  5. seen a few microlepidotus around mate, hard to come by! i've got utintas and fish4fish has speckelback mobas advertised!
  6. Thanks shon, great collection you have mate! I will statt searching for local breeders!!
  7. Hi jack, go for some anubias nana mate, ive had great experiences in the past and still keep some. Nana will be easy to attach to your rocks!
  8. What an upset last night! Anyway,hey tang enthusiasts, i currently have in my 4x2 sumped tank a colony of leptosoma utinta, a pair of kilesa sand sifters and i was wondering if a colony of some kind of ventralis species would be ok to add? Ive taken a deep liking to them as they look like furcifers but with different kinds of colours and perhaps smaller... they are smaller than furcifers right? Haha
  9. Very very hot myster619! Is that ilangi? Im not good with tropheus haha. ive always admired their activeness and amazing colours!!
  10. these are so so nice, royalty of the cichlid world!
  11. im going with chris, mix it up a bit and throw in some salmon red rainbowfish and while you're at it, some bosemanis!
  12. beautiful fish mate, i can see the nice red devil lips forming!
  13. oh crap i just noticed the responses sorry for not replying guys. jim's prices were great but i didnt go ahead as i went overseas instead LOL. my tastes have returned back to the cyp and sand sifting species... i one day would love a tank full of zaire kapampas! i guess i will have to keep drooling over jim's petro videos!
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