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  1. I have posted this on the adicted forums but thought i'd post here too. I have a couple of Pseudotropheus sp. "Acei" (Ngara) and will soon hopefully get some Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos (Maingano) My question is which of the following would you add to this mix Cynotilapia afra (Cobue) or Pseudotropheus saulosi I have been chasing the Ps saulosi but not many people seem to have fry available, or they are spoken for. The cobue seem to be available on a regular basis. I have to choose between the two as i am limited to number of fish i can keep (tank size), and dont want to risk mixing two similar looking fish (cross breeding). Any suggestions? Cheers Tim.
  2. Pseudotropheus sp. "Elongatus Usisya" Looking for some small fish to add to my community. Cheers Tim.
  3. I'm using rift lake salts to raise the GH. I have added less than the instructions indicate for the number of litres in the tank. My PH is around 7.8. The test kit is old so it may be the cause. I clean the test tubes before and after each use. All other tests seem fine. If I should be getting low GH then I'll try a new GH test kit. I'll take a sample of water into my LFS get them to check. Strange that the KH test works but not the GH as they are from the same test kit. I'll let you know how it goes. Cheers Tim.
  4. Hey all, Did my water tests last night checking ammonia etc When i did the GH test I stopped after 60 drops and the test didnt change from the orange colour to green as indicated on my kit. The KH was a little low only 2-3 so I added some salts to raise it a little. What I'm not sure is do i need to lower the GH in my tank. I dont have any cichlids in it yet, still cycling (last week), and my guppies and bristlenose are fine. Any ideas Cheers Tim.
  5. I got a brand new copy via ebay still in shrink wrap sent from the US for $90!!!! Perfect condition. A great book for any interested in the Malawis I have read it about 4 times so far, and constantly pick it up when looking at fish profiles on the web. Cheers Tim
  6. Hey All, I'm planning to get some new fish this week. Currently cycling with 8 guppies and 2 Bn's. How long should i wait after changing the guppies for my cichlids before a water change? Also should what PH, KH and GH do you keep your Ps. saulosi for those who keep them. Cheers Tim.
  7. tfoster

    How much rock?

    I have a few rock structures that I have built onto a piece of 6mm glass. I've siliconed them down onto the glass sheet & the sheet fits into the bottom of the aquarium. That way the rocks are siliconed down (but not permanently stuck to my tank), the weight is spread across the piece of glass not causing pressure points on the tankbase itself, & it also prevents any risk of rockfall. HTH. ← Great idea Barramundi, I will do that next time. I have alreay put my rocks in and do not seem to have any problems. Next time I decide to change the design i will follow this simple but brillant idea. Cheers Tim.
  8. tfoster

    How much rock?

    Hey All, I'm concerned that i need to add more rocks to my 4 footer, but not sure if the glass will take to added weight. I have two small piles positioned at each end of the tank. I'm using colac honeycomb rock which can be somewhat heavy. Sometimes the area taken is of greater weight than the same amount of water. The tank is a 4' x 18 x 18 using 6mm and i am using river sand as my substrate. I have positioned the rocks on a layer of sand to prevent any damage to the glass, I hope this will prevent any scratches becoming cracks. So how much is too much? Cheers Tim.
  9. Here is the picture of the algae The problem seems to be coming and going. I still get the oily looking film on the water surface. Any idea's Cheers Tim.
  10. Well i'm even more puzzled. Over night the algae/fungus whattever it is has cleared. I chnaged the tube in my light to a higher intensity and it's all but gone. As soon as I can get my optus net account to work i will upload a pic and show you what it looked like.
  11. Hey all, I am still cycling my tank and added some rift lake conditioner last night. This evening when i got home i noticed a oily white film on the water surface. After trying to net some which failed, I have angled the spray bar up to break the water surface. What has me puzzled is that some of my rocks have this scum/algae on them which looks to be growing. I cant be sure as i have only really noticed it this evening. Has anyone had similar issues when adding rift lake conditioner? I will try to post pic when i can Cheers Tim.
  12. Thanks Will pick some up this week and give it a go.
  13. Hey all, I'm cycling my new tank and wanted to know is anyone has added plants to their tanks with saulosi. I dont want to go through the pain of having them rip the plants apart when i introduce them to their new home. Currently cycling so it would give the plants a chance to get a foothold on the rocks in the tank if i add them now. Any thought Cheers Tim.
  14. It does 1200lph and the tank is a 4' x 18" x 18" which if I could fill it to the very top would be 255 litres. Does the temp of the water affect the ph, hardness etc in regards to the time it takes for the chemicals and buffing salts etc to take affect. Cheers Tim.
  15. Hey all, I have finally stained my cabinet and hood for my 4 footer, so this weekend I'm going to set it up and start cycling. I plan to have africans and wanted to ask a few questions about the inital setup to get the tank right for fish. I am using river sand for my substrate and colac honey comb for my rocks. I have a canister filter and it has 3 baskets. It came with noodles and active carbon, should I use both in the filter? After reading the many filter questions on this site I came up with the following for the filter but I may need other items. ie the carbon. Start with a layer of coarse medium and fine mechanical in the first basket ( can this be the carbon?), then noodles or another form of biological in basket 2 (what do you recommend), then finish with a buffing basket of coral or shell grit. Do I need to add buffing and other salts initially. I'm not sure of the water in melb so it may need them. What fish should i use for cycling guppies or some other fish? Cheers Tim
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