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  1. Ha ha yes will be needing some size for these guys...just renovated the tank for my colony of blue lips and my big male well he's real tough nowadays 😠 ha ha..attacking the hand that feeds...little turd..but can't help but love the guys..jist defending his home ..and it is his world after all πŸ€—πŸ€£πŸ€£
  2. Wondering how these two would do together and I dont think it would be a drama plus could end up looking pretty sexy in there πŸ˜†πŸ˜† So some Placidochromis Phenochilus Tanzania (the Star Sapphire Cichlids) with some Pseudotropheus Williamsi North Makonde(the Blue Lips.. & that's a little easier to say πŸ˜†)... I think you can see the potential for this to look pretty nice as a big display and have also thought this could be a good combo as they both love to sift sand and a quality that makes these guys very happy...(my big Blue Lips boy loves nothing more than cruising around all day sifting.. looking for snacks! πŸ˜†) Thoughts guys and things to be wary of(?)..I've actually only recently added some of the Star Sapphires and never kept these guys before but hoping they would do well in this type of set up... At full adult size I'm thinking this could look really nice πŸ§πŸ‘πŸΌ
  3. Yeah late response here but definitely have to be something lake Victorian but next question..is it deformed or hybridised as it has a funky shape going on 😳
  4. Yeah I used to be on here quite a bit and qldaf (I'm Qld based) and even on the Perth site but Facebook really changed things alot...I remember watching the people leave for Facebook (and they very rarely came back πŸ™ƒ) but I do think the new rules with selling live fish on Facebook will favour the forums once again as it's become harder for people to source fish this way...it was always better to go through the forums anyways if you ask me as you had people with years of experience as opposed to newbies on Facebook and you could get advice at the same time. I think the hobby itself has taken a hit with the franchise stores (petbarn etc) that stock a variety of 10 fish that are so common and very very limited with advice...if you treat it like it's not special and supply fish that aren't all that special and well the whole hobby suffers..plus prices are insane ($50 for a generic brand cheap heater..how much 😳!!!)and I do think with the right push forums can actually once again help boost the hobby...but people need to know about them...if the only way you hear about them is to log in..it's missed the point...there are definitely new fishkeepers out there and interested ones but they are buying plain Jane fish from petbarn or potential hybrids off other competitors such as Gumtree...and with no interesting regular traffic on the forums the old wise timers don't get interested so we all lose..the hobby is in a bad way in Queensland with only 2-3 real good aquariums left and I think people need to promote this great hobby..I used to garnish some interest with talking about cool rarer fish and showing images of them..at the end of the day people like to see cool fish and another problem is the fact some beautiful hard to find fish are in some rich 'smugglers' tanks..and we need to share anything and everything when it comes to cool fish because we can't import plain and simple so we kind of need to treat the rarer species almost like conservation projects...so the legalities of the industry make it a whole lot harder to maintain too..if we are not allowed to bring in fish..what choice do we have than to really do our best with what we have..I've watched Salvinis turn yellow and fade from a once beautiful fish..deformed Ellioti being accepted again..and these are fish that breed in the hundreds so we should be able to maintain some genetic standard...I've bred some rare guys here and there and they still seem to almost vanish just seems the industry sucks when you can't bring in fresh and vibrant stock..everyday and new to the hobby fish keepers don't know ...and without the conversations are just not aware.. they desperately need the forums if you ask me!...you are trusting the everyday fish keeper to maintain the genetics of your brood stock and a lot of those people just want a display tank... So it's Oscars and guppies vs beautiful dieing off cichlids...so the legalities also keep this industry behind the 8 ball..don't get me started on why you can import an Oscar but a wild compressicep from the lake is banned... The industry has been made dumb and it hits the good fish keeper hard... So I say promote the forums..tell people they can sell online here with no drama (as long as they don't bring drama πŸ˜†)..and create the buzz again as referred to in one of the earlier posts the forums need some juice..a boost and push to let people know they even exist..id rather be on here if people were actually here..logging on and seeing that the last activity was 3 days ago..well you can see a tumbleweed roll by πŸ™ƒπŸ˜³πŸ˜†..facebook sucks if you ask me because it's cowboy town and many a noob thinks his 1st fishtank is the bees knees..you argue a lot more on Facebook and no fish sales..says it's time for the rise of the forum again πŸ˜†πŸ™ Sorry for the rant guys *PS...Have to also commend and pay respect to the true aquarium stores out there that do keep supplying the variety of beautiful and rarer fish we need to maintain in this hobby..without them sourcing some of the great fish that still exist in the hobby we would be totally screwed so these guys have been really carrying the industry in the background. The Petbarns etc are destroying it by not keeping fish that can now only be sourced from the home breeder.. 😠 ..just a couple of comments hey πŸ™ƒπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†sorry guys
  5. Zebra Acara are a great choice and beautiful fish..I also think some nice Salvini(I happen to have some beautiful red belly juvies available & sorry for the free plug!)and go well in a planted set up..Sajica are definitely great fish and would do well and at 5x2 you're kind of on the cusp of the larger guys too but some at full size may be happier in an extra ft or 2...small group of Geos might be an option too as mentioned with the tapajos and you mentioned you had some Hecklii in the past...Elliotti are a beautiful mid sized American and would look great in a nice biotype...I'm pretty much just seconding what's been already mentioned mate but some are definitely pretty than others!...too many options mate!
  6. wow.....seems very hard to believe that the C.Popelini took out the Kendali were the Kendali adults?.....I think my adult Kendali's would make very short work of some Popelini.....might be different if the Kendali were young and were up against adult established pairs... ..maybe they tried to take on both of the other types...bad move Im finding them to be super aggressive and able to take on much larger(slightly confused fish!)
  7. good things come to those who wait...good work mate and hope the fry grow well
  8. And yep a little video showing them in their natural habitat...great watch even if I have no idea what hes talking about! felt for the Elongatus in the net..great size but I guess that might also be a great size for a dinner plate too!...
  9. Hey guys just thought Id share some more info on the Lepidiolamprologus family as they are in my own opinion the real predator family of lake Tanganyika and are due some appreciation if you ask me ha ha... Here is a quick excerpt from Practical Fish Keeping: "There are currently seven(?) valid species in Lepidiolamprologus: attenuatus, cunningtoni, elongatus, kendali, mimicus, nkambae and profundicola. All share the same elongate shape and predatory mouth, and range from 15-30cm/6-12” in length, so large as Lamprologine cichlids go. They become impressive as they grow and mature, with highly visible teeth, and a 30cm L.elongatus must be a terrifying sight for any small fish unlucky enough to share the same habitat." Well now here's a look at some of the family members.. Lepidiolamprologus Profundicola (believed to be here in Oz and if so very very rare) Lepidiolamprologus Elongatus (very rare) Lepidiolamprologus Kendali (uncommon/rare) Lepidiolamprologus Nkambae (rare/very rare) Very hard to spot differences between Kendalli and Nkambae but DNA tests prove they are separate varieties. Lepidiolamprologus Attenuatus (very rare) Lepidiolamprologus Cunningtoni (very rare) Lepidiolamprologus Mimicus (not available!?) Lepidiolamprologus Kamambae (newly discovered and not available!) And here's some of the smaller guys....yep still with some serious attitude Lepidiolamprologus Lemairii (uncommon) Lepidiolamprologus Pleuromaculatus (very rare/not available!?) Lepidiolamprologus Boulengeri (uncommon) Lepidiolamprologus Hecqui (uncommon)
  10. Ha ha cheers Wayne...they were obviously happy little guys..the trick will be to keep them spawning often..the change of scenery can sometimes trigger a spawn so yep hopefully its a sign of things to come mate... and yep now to the Kendali...have to say the Attenuatus are a great fish (would be great in a community tank too I reckon)and don't seem to have as much of the killer in them as the Kendali which makes them a lot easier to work with...these damn Kendali have been tricky and seems half the time its just keeping them alive and juggling them from tank to tank to avoid the deaths ... Thanks again Wayne and hoping these guys and the Kendali can help me get some Elongatus...really feed my love for the lepidio's!
  11. Ha ha Im just the carer..they do the work!...and Ive just set up some Kendali...putting my love/hate pr(death is always on the cards and I have had them split for the last few months)with an extra new Kendali to see if this can strengthen their very fragile bond ..I have them in with a bunch of Spilos(for an extra large sized dither fish... have to say it seems hardly a dither fish when the 2 dominant boys in the group are colouring up and also sparring off...its like a colosseum in this tank!)..so if the Kendali can spawn for me...I might go platinum.. ha ha
  12. I find Mysis shrimp is a great healthy bulk up food for the girls when getting ready for spawning and this is what I used on these guys too..
  13. always had a spot for Polleni and you just proved why beautiful pictures mate and beautiful fish....great stuff..I think I will have some Polleni again in the future thanks to your pics!!
  14. Ok have been able to get some more kendalli sent to me so lets see if 3rd times the charm.. 0 from 1st attempt, 1 separated pr that did bond at one stage from my 2nd effort (who I now house separately but will try again with caution to get going!) and now this time I will use all my gained experience to try and get these new guys into some sort of workable and hopefully breeding situation!! And heres a few snaps of my new attenuatus(big thanks to Wayne for these guys n gals!)
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