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  1. Are the any other location/ variants other than Ndole Bay in Australia? Thanks Troy
  2. TNT

    New Life Spectrum AlgaeMax

    So, I just re read Roscos message. Why now create something new for our beloved pets? Why not? Just re instating what I pointed out. Progression is a part of life. That's why brands come and go. If you don't try and re invent the wheel and improve your current business how do you move forward and be the best? Now days you can't be across the board, you have to supply specific products for specific needs. Full stop. It's hard to capture an exact market but if you are part of a reputable brand you need to have a budget allocated for research to improve and re create your brands range. Therefore creating new products.
  3. TNT

    New Life Spectrum AlgaeMax

    As for the above 2 posts no offence intented, but have you ever kept and failed with Tropheus keeping/ requirements? I have! Many others have too and for a few simple reasons ( water parameters included, not just food ). People have fed Thera A to their Tropheus because it works for Tropheus. A couple of other brands have worked too but it has been all trial and error. Way back when people 1st started importing Tropheus ( to my knowledge) aquarists had many a drama with fulfilling their fishes dietary requirements. Leading to bloat and impending doom of their hard earned moolar$. My point is. Wouldn't you want to feed the best possible food suited to your specific fishes needs? Why would you settle for sub par foods? As humans don't we strive to improve all things in OUR day to day life? So therefore why wouldn't a company like NLS want to be the best and create and keep researching to try and supply better foods for our fish? That's why they are a successful brand. We all have our favourite fish right? All have different dietary requirements? Why not create foods that fit our fishes needs. Rant done, no offence intented but really it's a no brainer why a new NLS product has been tested and created.