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  1. Rosco amazing fish room I could sit there all day
  2. i got a young colony of calvus @ 3-4cm and my frend has some fty ready in a few months.......or should i put them with the tropheus ikolas in a 5ft...the calvus are in a 4ft
  3. would it be a good idea if i put leptosoma livua with my calvus...im wanting some fry
  4. Hi Cichlid lover You can sign up on the day Cheers Lionel How much is membership??
  5. thanks Link2hell and can i sign up to be a member??
  6. MONEY!!!!.....wait can every one bid??? im not a member
  7. lloyd is blood worm even clean?? i heard its full of bacteria and when i used.to feed my fish with blood worm they would always get bloat.....now i feed hikari brine shrimp and no problems at all
  8. i only got yellows for now but i dont have many varieties though because i havent got my fishroom done yet
  9. thanks malawi sand sifter do i use cold water??
  10. what water do you replace it with?? tap??
  11. thanks krellious what types of bigger foods??
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