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  1. Hi all, I have plenty of Albino long fin for sale 3-4cm bodies $40ea If interested please send PM. Thanks Dale
  2. All good, Lebanese cucumber works just as well if you are after a cheaper offering for the cats, but it does go off quicker. Thanks Dale
  3. Hi, If we are going to talk about a good product then the Spectrum H20 Stable Wafers are the go for the cats. I have started feeding my albinos, long fin b/n and L number cats on this product over the last few months and the results have been great. I use to feed them Wardley premium algae discs and the Spectrumn product won't break down as quick and make your water cloudy. Overall as a breeder I am very happy with the product and it will last quite a while before going off. Thanks Dale
  4. Digital camera with 5.0 mega pixel Casio Ex-S500
  5. Hi all, I through I might put up a photo of my male Placidochromis "Gold Mbamba Bay" that I took with my new camera. What do you all think? I'm up for any opinions. Thanks Dale
  6. Hi, Try this link to FAQ, there is some great information on breeding B/N. http://www.aceforums.com.au/index.php?showforum=57 Regards Dale
  7. I have a L008 as well out of the first batch of cats that came through. Thanks Dale
  8. I was unable to get my hands on a camera, so I have added the following photo of a L008 which looks exactly the same as the spotted cat I bought the other day. http://www.planetcatfish.com/catelog/loric...kolti/179_1.php Thanks Dale
  9. Did anybody recieve any L168? I picked up five and all five were L104 and I picked up one more today and it's a spotted peckoltia not sure on the L number yet still looking into it. I will get some photos soon. If anyone recived different peckoltia's can you please post some photos so we can see what different peckoltia's have shown up? Thanks Dale
  10. I have seen some four months ago fully grown $90ea, so now they are legal the price should look a little lower?With a higher volume coming into the country. Thanks Dale
  11. Slippery Little Suckers has them at their store, but they are still priced at top dollar. 9-10cm $80 Dale
  12. Dale

    White BN?

    Wormboy send me your e-mail and I will send a photo..
  13. Dale

    White BN?

    Hi, To me it looks very similar to a marbled BN Thanks Dale
  14. If we are going native.... Then the Mangrove jack is the go , the one I had would eat large amounts of live mullet very quickly
  15. Hi all, I was once bitten by a Jaguar cichlid while cleaning his tank and the bite drew blood A friend of mine had some L. ocellatus in with some 6 bars for a while before moving them and they stood there ground quite well. Regards Dale
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