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  1. Yeh i got a master test kit. i was planning to add a couple of fish and filter media from my community tank for those first few weeks. I'll google tank cycling n follow it step by step. Thanks mate
  2. Hey guys, Been busy a few weeks due to exams but finally iv finally got things organised and the tank filled. I got some rocks from the beach (basalt rocks i think?), they look identically to river rocks. And a couple of limestone rocks that have a similar shape. cleaned and scrubbed. Got pool filter sand. Was kinda orange at first, but after alot of washing (took forever to get the orangey yellow dust out) is now a dark brown/tan color. Tested my tap water. comes out of the tap with a PH level of almost 8 (had to test twice to makesure my eyes werent playing tricks on me). So now im just going to run the tank empty for a week or two and test water, then add fish in 1-2week increments.
  3. awesome!. im in the process of setting up my first african tank atm. Do the cichlids ever bother/attack the pleco? i was thinknig of getting one or a couple of BN
  4. Im planning to use pool filter sand mixed with coral sand approx 50/50 ratio. I hope it doesnt get sucked up the filter intake, if not might have to shorten the intake. Coral sand might look strange amongst the dark gravel. Im sure you'll figure something out. if not i think that $300 of holley rock would be sufficient to buffer PH.
  5. thanks mate but thats a alot to spend on rocks haha , especially for a uni student.Thanks for the heads up though, for when i graduate n stop being poor, or win the lottery . I think i might only get a couple of peices, or go limestone/slate. What kind of substate are u going to use in your setup?
  6. newbie. starting african tank. any advice welcome :)

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      Fierce Deity Link

      Ask around if you're unsure about anything, it's better to do too much research and waste time then to overlook something and lose a lot of fish and in turn $$$ I've got a fair idea of what I'm doing with my tank but I still ask stuff all the time to double check I'm doing it right or if there is an easier/better way of doing it :)

  7. Just got back from the closest of the local stores, they had a heap of africans but the tank labeling was hard to read and the main "fish" guy wasnt there today. The prices scared me too. $12.50 for a 3cm elec yellow I really wana get the fish from a breeder. younger, cheaper, better quality and get some advice while im at it. Anyone know of someone close to Geelong who breeds africans? And also What kind of substrate and rocks would you guys recomend? i was going to use play sand mixed with some coral sand. I have about 50kg of rock that i got from the ocean about a year ago thats been sitting in my backyard, i was gonig to wash/boil and use that.
  8. Thanks guys. A malawi tank was what i was origionaly planning due to their colours. Im trying to stay as cheap as possible I want to try an get the fish as juvies to save cash, and to watch them grow. I found a few breeders not too far away that have electric yellows and red jewels, the rest il keep looking and if not LFS will have them. just did a quick google search of Cynotilapia Afra Cobue, wow they are cool looking fish iv got 5-6 LFS within 30mins so someone is bound to know someone who can get them. ATM a 300w heater, 4ft heto light (pink globe) with a fluval 405. bought off ebay for $150 with tank, stand,hood and heaps of other goodies. daimen- iv done some research into tank cycling, im going to buy a test kit today (ph,nitrates,nitrites,ammonia...anything else i need?). Im in no rush so after its been set up for a couple weeks put some sort of hardy fish in it for a week or so, then move them to the smaller tank to make way for the africans. does that sound about right? iv never had a tank this big before.
  9. hi guys, I recently bought a 4ft tank setup off ebay (for a bargain). Im looking for some ideas of what to put in it. atm i have a small 50L tank (also off ebay for a bargain) with a large angel fish, horseface(?what i was told) and a BN catfish. Besides them I havnt owned any "tropical" fish before. Iv got everything ready for the tank (sand,rocks etc). Im tossing up between africans and SAs atm. I want something colorful yet entertaining. Any iput or advice would be awesome thanks. Ryan
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