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  1. Hi all, I have just moved areas and where I was was neautral and now where I am it's at least 7.5, any one know where I can get info to verify information?
  2. Aquariums @ Asquith have deals on Matrix, Not sure if they still are going but perhaps give them a call, I got some a few months ago and it was good pricing.
  3. Hi Anna, I had this problem a couple of years ago, and it kept knocking off fish. I know you said that you have tried using the garlic treatment, but I highly recommend giving it a good go before you give up. Alot of my fish had this problem back then, and survived and still alive today. You need fresh garlic mixed food, it did take a couple of weeks to see results. since then I have been using NLS Thera A and have not had the problem since. The other thing you can try in the mean time is use poultry wormer, cant remeber the name but this is very strong stuff and worked well. Hope this helps. Cheers David
  4. I didnt have any luck with matrix as a nitrate remover, nor purigen. However i have been having success with seachem denitrate. What i did was put it in a canister with a small pump to pump the water through the canister.(400l per hour. by the time you put the pump to the slowest setting and it runs through a canister full of media, the flow is quite slow.) This has reduced the need for me to do regular massive water changes. Now i just do regular small changes. HTH.
  5. Hi C_H. I was in aquariums at asquith recently and they seem to have moved it to a much larger tank as it has grown a huge amount since you have seen it. i think its a 8 ft, the one in the middle of the shop. I believe they are wanting to sell it, i was going to buy it but decided a 3ft was too small. Maybe see if they are willing to sell it to you.
  6. I heard it was This month
  7. Eaglebarret

    Nitrate test

    I use aquarium pharmaceuticals, i find them the best, i have used others but they are no where near as good.
  8. The cause of the problem was the fact I cleaned my canister and changed half of it to matrix and left the other half as is. This was obviously enough to do it.
  9. Hi everyone, one of my tanks has just had a nitrite spike. My barramundi is not looking well at all so i put him in a container in a fully cycled tank, do you think he will recover? Also how do i make certain all the other fish will be ok? i have added a whole heap of prime to assist. any suggestions would be great.
  10. Hi DWC, I have used both and NLS is by far the better one. The grow keeps you fish healthy and they grow quite nicely. I also use NLS on my adult which I once did use colorbits and have found my fish much better and more colourful with NLS.
  11. Will this work though inside the tank?? I have a few small scratches that are down the lower end of tank inside it, so if i were to do this when doing a water change would this work, or can i still do it with the tank full?
  12. Hi, I use Thera A and thats it, so are you saying that purely feeding this is not right??
  13. Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone has ever used these? and if they are any good.?
  14. i read on the NLS forum that it has a shelf life of 2 years, but that seems a very long time. Have you had any major issues freezing it?? is there anything else you need to worry about apart from putting the lid on correctly?
  15. Hi Everyone, I have been searching the web and have come across these 2 fish that I thought would be good to keep, just wondering if anyone has kept these fish before and what you thought of them?? I would be looking at keeping them with and Oscar and a couple of other Americans. Any help would be great.
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