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  1. On a 6ft tank I prefer to run a side drop on either end of the tank
  2. I have success with breeding these by supplying them with a couple of 32mm pressure pipe off cuts slightly sunk into the substrate and then place a flatish rock across the top of them creating a shelter kinda effect, if that makes sense lol
  3. http://www.tfhmagazine.com/details/articles/lake-tanganyikan-synodontisthe-revision.htm
  4. Not a species which I am familiar with, I'll look into it for you but
  5. I've been using Fraction for over 12 months now and I'm more than happy with it
  6. Abyss Aquariums at Gregory Hills can make u up some new lids
  7. Peppermints should be alright but not sure how successful u would be if u were wanting to breed them in the tang water
  8. We are all praying for your success, the rock which I seen in your tank def is one of the keys to breeding these guys I'm sure
  9. Abyss has build alot of my tanks and sumps and I can highly recommend them, I would consider Pete as one of the best tank builders around by far, and this is why he gives a longer warranty than anyone else in the industry
  10. Thanx Ged, I read that earlier and was actually about to ask if anyone has tried the egg crate idea. It sounds like a good idea
  11. Thanx guys, I might make up a couple of diff types of breeding spots just for the hell of it and see what I come up with. But def supply one with black marbles in it. Thanx for the info, I'll let you know when I have success
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