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  1. Cheers mate this is very helpful thanks!!!
  2. Hey guys I'm new to these fish but have bred tangs before. I was just after any general information on these guys. They are a great looking fish. My new colony has 2 males at 25cm and 7 female from 15-20cm. Any information on keeping, breeding and maintaining these wonderful fish would be apprecieated. Cheers guys
  3. Yea thanks mate I was thinking of letting her go just to see if she holds full term or not.
  4. Hey guys just wondering what is the best option when my female moliro is holding. Patched my fish last week mating and actually saw her lay eggs ect. Now its a week later and she has the normal bulge in her throat. I was just curious to know wether she should or should not be stripped. And if so at what time should it be done. There are 20 moliro in the tank ranging from 6-11cm. Thanks
  5. I'd be interested in red Bemba. At what size and how much?
  6. I'm always keen for more tropheus of any variant if anyone is taking any.....
  7. So would these fish be make with the egg spots?
  8. Hey guys I was at my LFS today and a guy bought in a clony of tropheus moliro. All these fish were from 6-9cm and had great colors. The guy there bought them and has them back up for sale now. I was watching them swim around for a while and noticed that on a few of the fish there were egg spots on the anal fin??? What the hell? Has anyone ever seen or heard of this before??? There was only two at the most on each fish and were quiet small and not really bright. Just wondering if anyone has heard or come across this before. Cheers
  9. Thanks josh do u think i have an agression issue? the dominant male only chases fish out of his cave area....
  10. fish are between 7-11cm and there is one dominant male he owns one part and chases others awya but thats where it stops he dont follow them just chase them out of his area is this normal???
  11. Hey guys i currently have two tanks set up one is 5x2x2 and one 4x2x2. The 5ft has 30 Bemba reds in it and 4ft has 26 moliro. was wanting to know a little bit about sexing these guys so i could thin out numbers a little and get a good ratio.. What is a good ratio? At what size will these breed? i have been told that the mouth and head shape is a key in sexing but seems to me that there is only small differences. Also with vent sexing most the fish look like they have the same size vent.... What am i doing wrong lol Thanks guys
  12. What's the easiest way to sex tropheus? I have a 5ft tank with 30 Bemba reds and was wondering if I should thin out the colony and get a good ratio of male and female. I also have a 4ft tank with 26 moliro in it and was wanting to do the same.
  13. Yea no worries mate thanks for the advice. I'll leave them together for now as the moliro are 8-10cm and the Bemba only 3-6cm. So the Bemba won't breed yet. I'm trying to buy another tank at the moment. What would be a good size for the maliro colony. I'll keep the 24 Bemba in the 5ft. I was thinking a 4ft for the moliro??
  14. Thanks a lot for the in put bwah. What if the Trophs are fully grown? I have a 2700 liter per hour canister with uv filter and a 2200 liter per hour internal.
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