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  1. Yes you have great fish all good quality... Those lombardoi stand out though! Great Pics. Mick
  2. Umm, My hobbies are... Soccer (love it training just started! YAY!) Tennis (first season almost over.. not bad) Computer gazing.. (don't take much in just look at the screen) Girls Eating (takes up at least 30% of my time at home ) Wow I have a boring life thats bout all I can think of.. School takes up most of my time though Mick
  3. Ok my male is in the cave again and now he is breathing really heavy and flapping his fins I don't get it.... is there something wrong with him?
  4. I hope so.. Thats my plan anyway... Thanks for help Mick
  5. Ummm not sure of age.... but heres how I got them.. I bought 3 and one of them grew alot faster and is now about 6-7cm Male The other 2 are going on 6cm with no bristles yet.. I bought 2 more one I think is a female (7cm no bristle) the other is a male... Thats bout it... Mick
  6. On my 4ft I used a paint remover it just goes sloppy and you can basically get it of with a towel
  7. I see him the most... lol the cave is facing the front of the tank I just saw a small female/male im not sure yet in there... so maybe he isn't breeding.
  8. Hey all! Ok, my Male bristlenose in my 2ft has been spending a noticable ammount of time in a cave... not all day but close to and its always the same one... They are around breeding size.. This is only new he has been doing for about 4 days. Is it normal? Is he cleaning the cave for breeding?? I have noticed him trying to drag algae wafers into the cave its only small. Thanks, Mick
  9. Yep its a shame they are so hard to find Mick
  10. I have only got a rock and a peice of wood in there they don't seem to fight as much now.... If they start fighting I'll move it around but they don't seem to have territories.. lol Mick by the time I got home the bag with the hole had like no air That dominate male is a real beauty best quality I have ever seen (for every1 else) I'll post some pics when I get some decient ones.. the camera I have takes like 5 seconds to work so its not easy and they never stay still! Mick
  11. There wasn't any in there... They have settled down now and the dominate male keeps breaking up fights with the others so its good for now but there is still fighting.. Mick
  12. 5 are running from the dominate cause he is tryin to kill... hope I did the right thing?
  13. update got 4 fish in bags floating in the tank serious fighting everywhere
  14. 5 electrics in a 2ft with Fluval 3 PLUS?
  15. Ok looks like I ended up with males... and I just got given 2 tonight so I have a total of 6.. The 4 I have from one tank are around 10cm and the 2 I just got given are about 8cm and 6cm (guess) I have a dominate male in each tank and the not so dominate is being attacked (bites taken out of tail etc) And I don't know what to do.. THe smaller ones that I just put into the tank (in bag) the dominate in the tank is attacking the larger one in the bag which I think is male... Both tanks attacked the Electrics in the bag.. I NEED HELP I think the smallest one is a female too... Mick
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