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  1. Thanks guys i would never of guessed that they could survive so long in there.
  2. Hi , i've been very lazy lately and have left my canister filter maintance for a few extra months.So during the sludge removal i find a 3-4 cm Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos hidding out in the 2nd basket.Is this common for fry to live this long in a filter ?
  3. Thank you so much that looks and sounds like it,doesn't look like there's a great deal i can do but at least now i know. Thanks again Matt
  4. Thanks for the replys, frankenstrat 25% still doesn't seem to keep the nitrates under control.Our water supply is near zero. Im not sure what else to do? TimB We had underfloor insulation sprayed (2 part closed cell foam)a few months back ,I used a high voume air pump from a clean area and covered to tank with cling wrap to create a positive pressure.However i've had 2 texas have this problem last year,neither surived.
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  6. 1. Description of the symptoms, obvious signs of disease and behaviour of your fish. fleshy nodules 2. List the fish that are exhibiting the above symptoms/behaviour: genus and species name. severum 3. When and how did the symptons/behaviour start? 2 days 4. How old are the affected/sick fish? 2years approx 5. Have any new fish been added to the tank? no 6. Has anything 'special' happened recently?no 7. What are the water parameters? (where relevant) - pH =7.6 - kH = - gH = - Temp =25 - O2 content = - CO2 additions = - NH3 =0-0.25 - NO2 =0 - NO3 =40ppm - Metals (copper, iron, lead) = 8. Describe the aquarium and its contents coral.large mangrove root,plastic plants ,ehiem 2217,aqua one 1250,power head, uv 9w 4x2x2 ft 420l 9. When was the water last changed and how much was changed? 25% most days 10. When was the filter last cleaned? 2 months ago, cleaned in a bucket of tank water, 11. What brand and type of food has been used over the past month? tetra color bites, vege wafers, orca small granules I have had this problem before with 2 texas and they both died after about 6months , i had tried antifungal meds,metronidazole and a few other drugs suggested at the time. This time i haven't tried anything yet.
  7. Hugh is a wealth of knowledge and has a great range of quality fish,we are lucky its just around the corner.
  8. water parameters ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 0- 5ppm ph 7.4 temp 25'c roughly how many fish would you suggest to keep? Thanks i will organise a proper email account,
  9. Hi Ged, Im only new to fish keeping and have well and truely overstocked this tank.I've been off loading fish to mates and to the new lfs. It's been difficult trying to keep all these guys happy,water change 25% each day.The tank is a 4x2x2 with 2 canister filters(ehiem 2217 & aqua one 1250 )chiller and a uv filter. The frontosa has been huffing for a while now he still eats and is sociable,i'v treated the tank with several over the counter medications as it was suggested to me it may be a parasite, last treatment was metronidazole.Im hoping that he is isn't suffering? Do you think i should euthanize him? Unfortunately the wife won't let me get another large tank so for the time being im just slowly moving the fish on.My next step is to increase my filtration possibly to a couple of fx5's any suggestions? Cheers Matt I really didn't have any knowledge when i was stocking this tank and it appears i was misled by our old lfs.I was told that the fish would only grow to the space that they had and that it would stop aggression.
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