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  1. Yaeh it's fake, was a reptile rock from Ronnys Rocks I got when I had small goannas. It just happened to match the background perfectly.
  2. Cheers, unfortunately my ADD has kicked in and i've decided to sell everything in the tank, and change fish, so selling everything and start again. D
  3. Correct, and it's the reason I don't want to name or even provide species, being a fairly uncommon species it wouldn't be hard to work out who it was. The deal is done. Mine was exactly that, I was venting. I should of asked for photos but it's one of those species where there is no colour variation between males so you there isn't any need. Partly my fault. So I sucked it up and moved on, mine purely was about venting not anything else. But I dont' want to hijack the thread, i just wanted to say sometimes it's easier to suck it up vent and move on.
  4. Sometimes you don't know you haven't got what you paid for until later on, I bought 'females' turn out to be juvenile males friend bought Karlini Copper Foai, and the colour hasn't shown up until now and they've come out blue, definately not coppers. Vents are purely to get some sympthany/empathy (I always get confused which I need for a situation), sometimes there is no recourse with the buyer as the problem doesn't appear until well and truely to late.
  5. Knife fish and Clown loaches are now mass produced, but using hormonal injections/dissolved hormones. There are a few reported cases of clown loaches being breed in captivity, but pure chance and luck than skilled. D
  6. Not saying what they are, there isn't a need.
  7. Not cyprichromis and I bought them as a sexed colony. They should on been sold as unsexed fry not sexed adults. They were worth 3-400 not what I paid
  8. Thanks Eartheater, They are kept in a Tang community tank, have a look at the Photography thread, "Update on my Tang Tank" There's a video of the whole tank, in the same thread.
  9. I bought a 'colony' of fish a few months back, they size was suppose to be 7/8cm, When I received them they were more like 3/4cm One was dead because it was packed with so little air it suffocated on the way down, And I quesitoned once I received them if they were even big enough to sex, he said yeah two of them had previous mouthfulls but not held, so took his word for it. They have just started colouring up as males. So not impressed. I spent over $600 which was way over priced for their size should of been half that, and even as adults they were slightly overpriced but they don't come up often so I grabbed them. Not happy at all. I'm not going to drop names, or what species they were but I just wanted to vent.
  10. PH 7 seems very low for Africans, particular Tangs. But whatever works for you.
  11. I received mine today with international air, which was the middle shipping option it's taken 4 business days from the day it was sent. I've worked out prior to cutting exactly what i want out of the sizes I have to help minimize waste. I have 2 x 50x50x5cm 30PPI 1 x 50x50x3cm 20PPI 1 x 50x50x5cm 10PPI Plan to use the 20 and 10 PPI for filter pads in the sump baffles, and the 30PPI will be used to devide the sump up to section off for K1 and a refugium.
  12. Daniel watch your PH, wood will lower it depending on how much tanins it releases. A friend had to remove the little bit he had in it due to ph swings.
  13. Yeah that's what I thought, but a little unusual that the 2 biggest girls are doing that, plus they're actually not shy of chasing the males. Anyway i'll see how they go, they're more display than anything, so breeding is a bonus.
  14. They get Sera Flake or New Era Marine Flake in the morning. Night it's rotated between, NLS Growth, Frozen Mysis Shrimp, Frozen Mozzie Larvae or Frozen Lobster eggs.
  15. Sold them. I got over loosing fry so passed them on, miss the euthasim of the males now. The buldges haven't changed shape or colour for two weeks, I'm calling them tricotti in Cyp clothing.
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