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  1. Ged

    OB Tropheus

    Josh I don't know that there is the demand for OB that makes it worthwhile for the exporters to include them on their lists. Isanga, Kalambo, Kantalamba and Kambwimba have the polychromism that commonly know has golden morphs. This is not the same as OB polychromism that is found in Malawi Mbuna which is sexed linked I haven't seen any butIn the end there are Tropheus variants that also have similar markings and colouration.
  2. Ged

    NSWCS meeting 4th June

    A plain English guide would be very helpful. Andrew is the right person for the job.
  3. Ged

    Tank build

    Water pressure in influenced by water height rather than water volume. As Buccal said higher the tank the thicker the glass needs to be. Glass manufacturers will have different tolerances when make recommendations for the use of their glass in aquaria. Not knowing exactly what height you have in mind a suggested guide is; 600mm high = 10mm glass 750mm high = 12mm glass 850mm high = 15mm glass 1000mm high = 19mm glass The below link has some good information and excellent tables towards the end http://www.nationalglass.com.au/catalogues/NGP_Section_14.pdf Ged
  4. Ged

    Polleni - do I have a pair

    I agree with Chris. If the aggression gets to much you could utilise an egg crate divider.
  5. Ged

    Discus Fry

    Congratulations on the spawn.
  6. Ged

    Rusties from Parksg (vid)

    Welcome to ACE Forums. Great first post. Rustles are one of my favourite species. I could watch them all day. I have to agree the rock work is stunning. Rustles are prone to do a bit of digging so I hope you have the rocks on a solid base.
  7. Ged


    Brad the P saulosi and L. caeruleus will definitely cross breed. It is highly likely that it will also cross L. sp. "Hongi". You shouldn't keep Labidochromis species together as they will also cross. Here is a video I found
  8. Ged

    What is this?

    Photoshopping to that extent is ridiculous and potentially put people off cichlids. If a beginner expected their fish to colour up to that extent I suspect they would be extremely disappointed.
  9. Ged

    aulonocara gertrudae masinje

    Colouring up nicely.
  10. Ged

    aulonocara gertrudae masinje

    Certainly a nice looking fish. There are been a few people that have brought these in but they have been in small numbers.
  11. Ged

    Stripping Saulosi?

    Always found that Saulosi had excellent surval and growth rates. Increasing the size of the fry saver is a great way to maintain the growth rate. I have seen fry kept in savers that are too small and as a result the fry are undersized for the days.
  12. Zeolite have increased filtering capacity due to their shape provides increased surface area compared to normal sand grains I woul exercise caution on using this product. The chemical composition varies from product to product and there is a lack of information for Hy-chlor on this particular product. You could contact them and request a copy of the MSDS but in the end the use of normal sand is the safer option.
  13. You should be looking for dry silica sand. It will need a very good wash before use. Brands will vary as they generally are sourced locally
  14. Ged

    Fussorochromis Rostratus

    Fossos tend not to be super aggressive but as with lots of species there is diversity in agrees ion from one individual to the next. There are a couple of things that you will need to consider such as filtration on you tank and current size of existing fish. Is it any all male tank?