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  1. Hello,

    I just saw your ad for the orange cap ventralis and is says you have a few young ones that aren't ready, im setting up a tank right now and it may take a little while and was wondering how long before the younger ones were ready to go?

    Also just enquiring as to if you have any other Tanganyikans for sale or in the future?




  2. afra now zebroides Jalo reef

    came up on FB contact Julie Dorman QLD) and add your name to fry request

    group is Tanganyikan and African Cichlids, Worldwide Catfish and Plecos


  3. Yep, Andrew is a very nice guy to visit and have a chat with. And yes indeed, very hard to leave the shop without buying any fish after seeing what he have in for sale. He will always try to find fish that you want if he don't have it. Very pleased with all the fish I bought from Andrew..... Mario......
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