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  1. Hi Headache.. Hopefully your chosen forum name wont affect your regained interest. Oscars are great and definitely have a personality unlike other fish. Although they are big fish, they are not super aggressive provided the other tank mates are of suitable size. Essentially if it will fit into their mouth, they will most likely eat it. Other large south american species would suit. Good luck and look forward to seeing some pictures
  2. Hi Guys.. I have been out of the hobby for a while and looking to get back into it.. I have my cabinet in place and about to order a 4x18x24 Tank. Lighting and heating is sorted. I used to run Eheim Classic Canister filters religiously however I feel there may be something better in the market now. So just looking for some feedback on what you use, what you love, what hasnt worked and what you would suggest staying away from. Price is important but willing to buy the right filter. Tank will have a colony of Xenotilapia Sp. and likely a group of Leptosoma for open water movement. Thanks Alvon
  3. Yellow.. Not a huge L number keeping community in NSW.. You may find some of the smaller boutique aquarium shops (Lets face it, every shop in NSW is small compared to Perth) I know Something Fishy in Prestons always have a little variety of L numbers..
  4. i would go the L134's chuck if you like the L046's.. Pacco had some from memory!!
  5. Great looking setup mate and welcome to the wonderful (addictive) world of cichlids.. Ask a lot of questions.. Everyone does make a few mistakes when first getting into things but hopefully the mistakes we have made in past can save you from them! Looks like you are doing everything right. I agree with link, keep a record of what you have in the tank. Not many fishkeepers and into the hybrids, but for some, it doesnt matter. I personally dont like them.. As you get more experience, and more tanks, starting researching species to possibly spawn. The process of conditioning, breeding and raising a species is one of the best accomplishments in fish husbandry! I started with Convict cichlids. Not much effort needed to spawn but for me at such a young age, it was an amazing experience. Google and ACE are 2 big sources of information. Use the search function on the forum to look up previous topics as most things have been discussed before.. PS. Stay away from a lot of the facebook pages. A lot of weekend warriors with crappy information. Anyone can join facebook chats, but most of the keen aquarists visit these dedicated forums. Cheers Alvon
  6. The best first 8 words to a post I have ever seen!! Lucky we are on a cichlid forum!
  7. Thats 100% legit fully real.. Make sure you keep it for the next buyer!!
  8. I agree on your position.. I think your reputation in the hobby is enough to quote to verify the specimens are at least of quality. Hopefully there are no loosers taking advantage of your reputation and selling fish they 'claim' were purchased from you!
  9. Alvon


    I havent seen many issues with LFS stocking. Maybe its the just an isolated online store that is affected by poor product management. One thing that really irritates me is onlines stores advertising and taking your money than telling you they are out of stock. Most of the time you get a refund but they are holding your money for 3-7 days before they refund it.. I dont know many LFS that will sell you something they dont have. If you are stuck or desperate for some, I have a bit laying around that you can have.
  10. As in rolls of vinyl material?? Try Pro-stitch in Carlton? my brother in law works there and they have people coming in quite a bit for material.
  11. Im guessing you havent heard about the new batch testing requirements that were proposed.. If they are enfirced, say goodbye to tropheus, frontosa and and fish of value.. To give you an idea, you need to provide a sample from each batch for testing purposes.. For a batch of 20 fish, you need to supply 19 for testing.. You pay the supplier for 20 but end up with 1 fish.. pointless... The more you import, the less percentage you need to supply but its minimum 19 fish, per batch, not per shipment.. Tha means if you importer 20 tropheus ikola and 20 tropheus duboisi, you will need to surrender 19 of each.. I think for 45 fish you need to submit 25-30 for testing.. So Frontosa that may cost an importer $150/fish, if 45 are ordered and testing is taken into account, the same fish has cost them $337.50.. Thats a wholesale price.. Thats doesnt include the disease testing which is probably $200+ per batch.. For guppys, neons and other bulk cheap fish, the tesing numbers wont affect the landed cost too much. Im pretty sure it caps at 119 fish required for testing.
  12. Not only fisheries but the importation of ornamental fish also. They are making it a lot harder and this will see a lot of the rarer species dissappear from the import list. It is going to have a huge impact accross the hobby/industry nation wide..
  13. That wont be the sole reason to put in on the noxious list. Based on that theory, Bristlenose catfish will become noxious too!
  14. Alvon

    Fire eel

    You may be a little hard pressed to locate one quickly.. You will have to be fairly patient and keep on checking various sites.. To be honest I found most of the rarer species seem to be traded/sold within smal;er communities and never really advertised publically on forums.. But then again, I have seen people advertise them.. Good luck with your search!!
  15. If you contact Vebas Aquariums in perth (vebas@vebas.com.au) they have a new range of Italian made pumps which are IMO as good as the Eheim Compac submersibles only much cheaper.. The brand is SICCE.. They post Australia wide. I have had a lot of stuff sent over from them because they always have stuff in stock.
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