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  1. Does Tanganyikan cichlids need iodine? and can i use iodized table salt as a supplement?
  2. very good eye Lee, high of my house is 2.7m, the lounge i have in the room is twice the size of a normal lounge, the return is 1.8m long x1.2m wide i put a woolworth cookbook in the photo as reference(30cm)
  3. sry, forgot 8 x geophagus my wife fav fish, the chilli is my fav no saratoga , Ducksta is correct
  4. 1 chilli red 5 Northenn Tiger ( they huge around 30cm, hide in the log) 20 Kong Kong 2 tinfoil 1 flagtail 2 motoro 5 mono angel The initial design was a Marine Reef Tank. I bought a brand new 1.5HP outdoor chiller that i was going to hook up but missus change her mind. she didn't like have saltwater in the house. i got more photo of the whole contruction of the room, but i took from my nokia E71 . i need to convert to an appropriate format first before posting. tank sit on metal stand built inside fishroom, because it wouldn't fit through the hole in wall. i have to pay extra cost to the welder for this job. Welding done by Oxy , so he have to bring all his gas container on site. hence the extra cost. filtration is 4x2x2 size with 3500 bioballs , 1 m2 biomat and 100 bioblocks i have all the plumbing connect to the room, and a drain to let the water out. the room is full water proof been operating for 1 years there's nothing in the shot we are familiar with to add scale thats why it doesnt "seem" so big. putting a person in the shot would show the size clearly. if you look at the tank compared to the lounge though get an idea of the length. that return on the lounge would be at least 5 ft...maybe 6. i post more pictures up soon....
  5. emp1re

    new 8X4X2.5

    i agree with craig, i just recently set=up my 11x3x3 built in the wall tank with it own fish room in the middle of the house. the house was actually built around the tank design. If you going to design and built the house according to the design of the fish tank , you not going use cheap equipement. tank built from 15mm glass with 19mm base , using glass from England not from China. cost me $4500 all up, tank setup cost $12,000. i will post pic up soon.
  6. emp1re

    Water clarity

    get a diatom filter , like the vortex .
  7. i took some pics of my rays with my mobile 2 males + 1 female reticulated rays http://users.tpg.com.au/cyberfo//29082008026.jpg http://users.tpg.com.au/cyberfo//29082008030.jpg http://users.tpg.com.au/cyberfo//29082008031.jpg http://users.tpg.com.au/cyberfo//29082008032.jpg
  8. not really when u compare to other bichirs, it is one of the smallest , grow to an average size of 25cm female tend to be bigger than male
  9. heap , forsale around the $200-$300 mark
  10. emp1re


    my bichers end up eating all my adult BN , i have 1 x50cm endi and 1 x 50cm ornate
  11. i prefer breeding croaches or crickets. more cost effective in the long run easy and it doesn't freak my wife out
  12. can any1 tell how they harvest microworms, i scrap the side of the container when the micorworms crawl up but that not enough for the fishes, i try using a spoon to harvest the top layer of the culture but it still contain bits of bread crumbs.
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