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  1. hopar battery back up pump

    I know I am resurrecting an old post here, but thought I would share my experiences with the Hopar LD 10000. I bought nine of them, and eleven months later five don't work. I have contacted the supplier today because there is a 12 month warranty on them. But I hook them up to egg tumblers so that if the power goes down when I am not home I don't lose my eggs/fry. Well........yesterday when I woke up the one on my Ilangi tumbler had failed and I nearly lost 34 Ilangi. My patience has run out, that was the final straw.
  2. Hi  I am not in Sydney,  but Tropheus can be shipped.  At sub-adult size I have Malagarasi, Kapampa Limespot and Kabimba Canary Cheeks.




  3. New laws delayed again?

    Phoned Department of Agriculture yesterday to clarify the the effective date of the new laws, and the Department confirmed they commence today, 1st March, 2016, and there has been a "grace" period of 21 days granted for any orders that were placed prior to 1st March and not yet arrived in the country. I agree with the inconsistency of the "allowable" imports. Petrochromis is another one. Only one variant legally able to be imported. And it is a long way short of being the nicest of the Petro variants