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  1. NEC Triphosphor Daylight

    Ah awesome thanks alot
  2. NEC Triphosphor Daylight

    Hi guys i was looking for a NEC Tri-Phosphor daylight tube, i was told bunnings sell these. One question i wish to ask is what is the wattage for the average 4ft t8 tube? i called bunnings earlier and they told me the lights go by wattage not size....? please help oh and what would i expect to pay for this light Thanks in advance
  3. Filtration for breeding

    Ah yeah got it, thanks!
  4. Filtration for breeding

    Sorry for the noob question but, where does the airline from the air pump attach to?
  5. Scratching fish

    Yeah its definitely not my filter, ive added some rock salt ill just have to wait a few days and see if it has any effect.. otherwise ill get the stuff mick was suggesting.. Thanks
  6. Scratching fish

    Ahh ok well thanks for your help.
  7. Scratching fish

    Thanks for your reply Priscacara, the ammonia and nitrites are at 0, if its the fine particles what could i do to prevent this? it could be the strength of my filter swirling the sand around im not sure...
  8. Scratching fish

    Hey guys, ive recently purchased 4 cichlids and placed them in my aquarium which previously had no fish in it, ive noticed on seperate occasions the fish scratch themselves on the rocks and sand, all the fish do this at different times.. I haven't noticed any white spots on the fish and being the amateur fish keeper that i am, i wouldn't have a clue on what to do.. so could anyone please assist me here? Thanks Much Appreciate!
  9. Loss of Colour

    they are african cichlids, electric blue, electric yellow and cobalt blue.. They were all colourful when i purchased them, just a few days later being in my tank they seem to lose their colour..
  10. Loss of Colour

    Hi guys i was just wondering why my cichlids lose their colour, when i bought them from the store they've had perfect colour but few days later in my tank they seem to lose their colour and not gain it back.. My ph is at 8 and i feed them tetra cichlid crisps... So if anyone could help me i would be greatful Thanks.