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  1. I'll be there rosco!!!, so bring heaps
  2. As a matter of fact can admin pls delete any post in this thread with my name in it!!!! If I have something to say I will say it!!!! And if any body has something to say to me... I hope they will to the same... IN PERSON !!! Cheers micko
  3. Lets just leave poor micko out of it
  4. i will second that Is dissapointing to read comments like this one , The Auctioneers do their best and are great at it and most times they do give a description or quickly talk about the behaviour of a fish that its rarely seen or new to the hobby ,can you imagen if we did a 5 minute discription on every fish HOW LONG WOULD THE AUCTION GO FOR ? May be you should play more attention and less talking , in regards people talking they should have more respect , it makes the Auctioneers job very hard and Kevin is not the only one that brings it up ask MIKO how many times his ask or yeld out to shutt up!!!! If you are not interested in sitting at the Auction that is your problem , Majority of people dont have a problem. Lionel
  5. Lets jusl eave poor micko out of this I do all i can to help the club and the hobby And hobbyists alike...
  6. Mmmm sorryI don't say much on here. I am Rowie's business partner and if u would bother to keep an eye on the market u would no we are fair dink about putting rare and quality fish back into the hobby at no profit!!!!!!!!! If not a loss!!!!
  7. Hey mate are u the Ben that came to our room to buy some lelupii.....????
  8. Yeah it's the wiring jobby... Bit suss... The misses might just have to put up with the odd mouse lol
  9. Thinking of getting a plug in pest free pest control device for my home Just wondering if any 1 nows if it will affect my fish cheers micko....????
  10. Also bringing tropheus Bemba and maybe a few karilani coppers
  11. brine shrimp and crushed nlsg micro worms.... as stated they are extreemly slow growing... and colour is everything... people rave about the colour of my lelupii and to be honest i thing its just good brood lines... cheers micko not the best typer so if any more info needed just gme a call 0435434757
  12. mate i have some yellow collared letho's in with some big fronts also fire fins and wild caught illangi long finn bn and they all live ttogether happily but they are very well fed!!!! but it is a risk.. and sometimes u just gotta take them
  13. as above or when female becomes less agressive and hangs out side a bit more
  14. hey mate glad u liked the shop and seen something u havent for a while... i have only just started there and only have limited hours (12 a week due to my injury) but am making changes and altho we have limited space i am sure next time u come up u will be impressed....ps got home to find 81 leliupi fry and 3 bemba holding and stripped a fronnie for an impressive 76 eggs 71 of have since sprouted eyes and tails cheers micko
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