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  1. Put 3 medium sized female Venustus in with them.
  2. Yes,, my thinking is in the same realms. No more imports added to dying interest sees things worsening. But a new respect (new generation fishos) for higher prices will keep the new low level of interest more modest and stable and most importantly continual,,,, from this,,,,, perfection and quality should increase which may fuel the hobby a tiny winy bit more. So instead of a new specie in oz being popular and famous for a short time then bomb out fast,,, the person who obtained the fish can run the honeymoon period of the new fish to oz a lot longer. What many people fail to see,, is that this all creates a more solid drive for the little hand full of determined people in oz to keep producing (the heart of general popularity). Many people live their lives never thinking of their heart,, the heart gets abused and trashed then leads to health problems in the long run,,,,,, lol,, a similar thing happens to big and medium breeders of oz,,,,,, For any of this to work, the generators (hearts) of oz needs looking after. simples.
  3. I live semi-rural,,,, it's a balanced economical system,,, and the bio-load is extreme,, it took me so many years to know what and how/amounts of food to feed each specie variant,,, wrong pellets, overfeeding would drastically occur,, The bioload is so heavy that someone else's feeding efforts could send the whole system haywire. Buts taking fry, growing and rearing processes, putting together large orders then delivering taking a whole day, and every other weekend boxing up fish and shipping interstate.... it's actually a pretty thankless exercise considering profits,, (keeping in mind a large smooth running operation of specie generation requires heightened skill for a respectful and realistic sustainable future). I simply still do stingrays because the efforts are worth while,, good dollars and Rays are easy as. my system is fully automated and it's a breeze to keep,,, admitting it takes 1.5 hours to feed the entire breedroom super flat out fast. Im also involved in aquaponic native fish sales,, so these and the Rays pay for the high power bills and costs plus a bit more. I'm just staying neutral and keeping my mind open for a while.
  4. The biggest problem is getting bulk buys from enough people. The higher the price gets, the smaller bulk buys will likely occur,,,,,, which is where a Wishlist is created,,, once the minimum limit is reached the buy happens,,, but we then run into a secondary issue, waiting for so long, the avaliabilty of some fish change, as the fish are on offer to the world. A respectable order size is based on respect for Germany, but new import laws posing heftier costs on top makes the circumstance blow out. On a different note, when you pay $78 per fish as a example,,, you'd then times that by x12 you don't order 3, it's more respectable to say 10-12 pieces, but ordering very expensive (usually older larger specimens) the total minimum of pieces would be less. So it all adds up very fast, I mean fast,,, I can't imagine more pressures on top of that again and succeeding long term,,, someone in power with a different frame of mind can change this.... but maybe some clever people can sort this jazz out !!
  5. Well yes, I support the higher prices, especially giving that interest in the hobby has reduced and staying there. those fish on the above lists are fairly large for the most part, possibly large higher priced ones is a option to increase money amount for the order. For some of those hardcore spenders/breeders that has ordered big Germany orders many many times, they should know what I mean, the diversity and replenishment has fallen,,,,, this is why shops making it happen (imports), must be supported,,, there's ways,, but the size of the market we are catering for sees those prices to high, but not me. its a double edge sword,, only new up and coming fishos can grow to respect and except these possible future higher prices,, takes time.
  6. Just speaking from knowledge. Strange list, not negatively,, I've seen many of cichlidstadel lists, and that's not "the actual German list" for ordering or transaction. And that there is very expensive fish costs. I guess a importer could round up shops and everyone oz wide for super buys "working together" to simply share out inspection testing costs which in turn makes the blow off higher costs lower,,,,,, Whilst this is possible, I do question the interest with the follow through that's needed to conjor bigger buys. Then there's sustainability,,, good interest in first one or two shipments isn't good enough to keep the large orders going if people don't keep buying. In the long run, I think appreciation for the fish and higher prices will set new levels and requirements in the actual ornamental market,,, this will see worthwhile effects for breeders wanting to keep up their duties,,,, but the diversity of species will still decrease and the ornamental market will still travel at the more modest low key level. I myself am in a wacky limbo, I have healthy colonies of 120 species of malawis and not taken fry for nearly 1.5 years now... electricity costs and time feeding/maintenance is all still full noise,,, I'm a high producer and there's only any worth in doing large numbers,,, if I didn't have a large mortgage and had more time on my hands with less daytime work,, then I'd simply do low numbers to suit who or what ever,,, but because of time issues, I can't allow things to draw on my life. If breeding fish was a touch more profitable, then I'd put it in front and let it contribute to my income,,, just like it use to.. the good old days. Hah ha.
  7. A new development then. what about the prices,, have the prices of fish inflated to suit the new laws then ?
  8. Likely imports of any Malawi or tang will be from Asia, as they are more co-operative, because they make money on many other fish species (besides cichlids). maybe the dollar difference also. Its still legal, to import, it's just to expensive and/or bothersome going by the new testing regulations laws,,,,, the purity in bloodlines and true diversity,,, Germany is where it's at, not Asia (for malawi/tang cichlids). a few people oz wide stocked up before new laws, and as Chris said 'impressive list' ,, well don't get confused with many new fish coming in near and short future,, and don't let anyone spin you skullduggery.
  9. No imports for Malawi tang cichlids into oz anymore due to new laws. The term "imported" being used is incorrect,, the list you see there is just a few breeders around oz with the fish they have available summed up into one list to try and get buyers,,,,,, As it's likely the shop can't risk buying them due to very poor sales and is a risk. its just made to look like a import list,, so it's understandable for someone to think it's a import list..
  10. Buccal


    Otohime, the magical unicorn.
  11. Yes it is, makes me want them.
  12. Buccal


    It sounds to me like a trade in from someone else's aquarium that had used to much whitecrane.
  13. Buccal


    So you saying the fish were looking not good at the shop when your misus picked up a replacement ??? Sometimes (only a experienced person can tell) is that bunches of mature fish get traded in into shops,, so you can be buying someone else's fish that are effected from history tellings.
  14. Buccal


    No mate, not contagious, though it's amazing how people easily think it is,,,, because when there's a issue with the tank causing disease,,, it must be remembered that all the fish are subjected to the same issue, and they all will not get sick at a perfect syncrinized timing. Because I'm commercial and got plenty of stock which I generate myself, it's simply a waiste of time to attend to, and most aren't ideal breeders after treatments,, if the fish isn't in good numbers in breed room, then I obviously try to get them good. Most diseases take a lot of explaining, fast quick questions fine, but Google will feed your brain better than any other. Doesnt matter how good fish keeper you are, there's always low numbers of disease ready to populate when your water quality degrades,,,,,,, REMEMBER, you don't keep the fish !,,. You keep the water, and the water keeps the fish. ?☺️
  15. Also,,, I had a idea,,, why couldn't someone hook a relationship up with a supplier in Asia, to import from Germany to Asia and supply here,, that could be a actual niche in a Asian place somewhere,,, they don't mind doing bits and pieces orders to.
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