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  1. Thanks link :-) These guys look interesting, may have to change my substrate and add some more rocks but might be worth it :-P
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions guys :-) they all sound awesome, if you think of anymore please let me have it :-). I gotta go read up on these species now an find breeders :-) I already have a red empress in there at the moment, he's a decent size and showing nice colours :-)
  3. Hey everyone! I'm at the end of stocking my 4x2x2, an looking at it all now what I think it needs is a big boy cruising around. I was just wondering what you guys would recommend for a large solitary male of about 8inches+ that's kinda placid enough to be happy in a mbuna community. My tank is lacking a lil red... Thanks heaps Josh.
  4. These the ones you just picked up today? Looking good mate
  5. Here's those pics: And here's a peacock (i think) that I can't identify. Any ideas:
  6. Sorry about the lateness I got some recent shots ill put up soon :-)
  7. I've also added a juvie red empress, its only about 7 or 8cm at the moment and has settled in nicely
  8. Thanks Priscacara :-) I found out yesterday that one of my holding females decided to swallow , unfortunate but I'm not too concerned she was starting to get kinda skinny. I'm going to strip the other female cause she's getting too skinny for my liking. I have a 12cm bristlenose in my 2ft tank which I have been trying to catch, I think he knows I'm after him cause each time I see him in the open I go for my net he takes off, he won't even go back to his favourite spot behind the heater anymore since I tried to net him there lol. I haven't got to pull everything out of the tank stage yet but I'm close to
  9. The perspicax died a few weeks back, I don't know what from though, but on a happier note I got two electric yellow females holding.
  10. Very nice shots mate, i love sunrise an sunset photos the colours are just beautiful
  11. I got some more fish, 4x Pseudotropheous Cyanorhabdos 1x Iodotropheous Sprengerae when i got home i realized i made a mistake, the Acei an perspicax an maingano are all psuedotropheous. The Perspicax is going nuts chasing everything.
  12. How fast a water current do cichlids generally enjoy from the return pipe from sumptuous? i have ehiem 3200ltr /Hrmm pump with a inline ball valve to tone it back abit. I also have a 90 degree elbow attached to the bulkhead on the inside of the tank face downwards to the bottom left corners of the back of the tank. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated :-)
  13. As the title says i havenoticed that a number of my electric yellows and Acei have developed a black spot on the edge of their gill plates. Not all of them have it, and Im just curious as to what that black spot means exactly. Does anyone have any idea? They behave normally, but i have noticed that they are still skittish when a person approaches the tank. They have only been in the tank just under a week. any help would be appreciated. Josh
  14. thanks mate :-) yeah it came out better then i thought it would Just a quick update i got some fish in there, i got: 6x Electric yellows 6x Yellow tail Aceii 1x Ps Perspicax Red cap More to come, i just need to track down some breeders who are not too far away :-)
  15. After 2 days running I've gotten the following: day 1 Ammonia, Nitrite,Nitrate - 0 PH - 8 GH - 50ppm KH - 50ppm day 2 Ammonia, Nitrite,Nitrate - 0 PH - 7.8 GH - 50ppm KH - 50ppm I added some extra coral sand to the front and back chambers of the sump to bring up the hardness. Malawis need around 200-400 ppm GH + KH yeah? Im hoping the extra coral sand will bring the PH a lil too. FYI, i dont know much about water hardness, what i do know is self taught from doing a lil research. Any advice would be appricated Edit: I've added some Rift Lake conditioning salts and a dosage of API StressZyme to help kick the sump into gear
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