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  1. I should have some ready to go in the near future, PM me if interested
  2. Yeah 3ft is perfect for pleuros... not sure what you mean they aren't available though?
  3. haha nah, I'll get them once they go cheap big predator tang tank will be cool or maybe for the pond!
  4. Nah not students... Hmm hopefully we can all work together to figure it out
  5. Ok let me know what info you find, the Ph.D research staff at my university are pretty interested in finding the actual cause of the disease and a treatment
  6. Any idea of the diseases causing it? There were some indications of a chlamydia spp. of bacteria that may be causing the issue but we're looking at collecting specimens for PCR testing and to identify if it is caused by normal flora and triggers. Also why it happens more commonly to 1 species and 1 individual at a time usually. Also to find a suitable medication for the cause. The symptom is the wasting away of the fish but the number of diseases need to be figured out whether it is even bacterial for starters The problem with it being a single symptom caused by a number of diseases is that - say it was bacteria - there would be different symptoms because each spp. of bacteria is different with different requirements and effects.
  7. Short answer is no then. I have spoken to a few vets, and researched scientists and we've decided to maybe try doing research in the area regarding wastings with Leptosoma and/or Bloat with Tropheus to find the cause and treatment
  8. Hmm in that case, I'll ask my lecturer regarding the issue and maybe if I can have a look myself under a microscope... now I just have to wait for it to happen to a lepto of mine haha
  9. Yup they'll be fine, ventralis are good for the smaller sized tanks I keep Kalubamba, Mpimbwe and Kasanga in 4ft x 3ft x 20" tanks The Kalubamba are the least aggressive so I am able to keep 4 males, each shows off in their own corner of the tank. With the other two variants, I only house 2 males in each colony.
  10. I've tried Seachem, API, Aquapics and Aquasonic, I ended up sticking with Aquasonic
  11. Hey mate, they look like they've coloured up real nicely!!! Mind if I use a picture or two to show people when I sell fry? otherwise you should post up on another forum I'm on, in qld... (qldaf)
  12. Thanks for all the positive comments!!
  13. Got some awesome pictures of my male ventralis isanga when they got into a fight... then a few days later one male died
  14. Will try contacting him yeah I'd love to send some down if it was worth it for sure! haven't had many interstate people buying any fish recently hopefully I find some...
  15. Yeah featherfins - more so ventralis species & sandsifters
  16. Anyone still have L. Kungweensis? anyone?
  17. giant red tailed gourami for sale in qld for $250ea and red tail catfish for $750 but both were only little ones
  18. They do well with frontosa but yeah big fines for having microlepis!
  19. I'll add that I've tried API, Seachem, Aquapics and Aquasonic and nothing beats aquasonic good value for money
  20. I feel like I should respond to this... that's great that it worked for you! that's cool, but a majority of tang keepers like to keep the species happy rather than mixing a tang with the most random stocklist of species and others like a display tank to represent lake tanganyika, where you would recreate a part of the lake in a tang. Be it a surge habitat, deep water, open sand, rocky and specific species are found in each area. Hell you could've kept oscars, stingrays, geos, tetras, rainbowfish in the tank which might've co-existed, it doesn't matter. People like to keep fish in different ways, just like some people like hybrids, some people mix all kinds of malawi species together, and some people like to stick to the book, research and natural systems - keeping species how they should be kept rather than for your own personal enjoyment. You just get to see their true natural behaviours, like schooling, breeding, caring for young, living in colonies, showing off to females, that kind of thing.... You're entitled to your own opinion, do what you want with your own tank, but relax, this is a public forum and people will post their thoughts and offer their input
  21. yup I've gone the aquasonic way with their kH generator and rift lake salts, good results I got the 10kg buckets and has lasted me 2 years
  22. It is the most commonly exported variant The other variants that are exported are easily told apart from the amounts (or lack of) yellow and black in the dorsal
  23. That's probably it, but it has since been fixed by importers so maybe the hobbyists need to change as well?
  24. The discussion was had on a facebook group and Benoit provided pictures from his dive in the lake
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