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  1. alittlej83


    So 10 fry won't be enough? Ideally i want to have about 30 in the tank but i thought that would be too many to put in at once in regards to the ammonia levels? That's why I was planning on putting in 10 to start off with and than 5 each week until i got around 30. So maybe start of with about 20?
  2. alittlej83


    Thanks mate, I'll give that a go. I'm still nit sure if 10 fish to start off with is too many? Even though they will be fry?
  3. alittlej83


    Hey guys. I started cycling my 4x2x2 tank about a week ago with 6 raw prawns. 3 days later I did an ammonia test and got a reading of about 4-5ppm. I than did another ammonia test another 3 days later and got a reading of about 0.25ppm. Today I did ammonia, nitrite and nitrate tests and got 0, 0 and 20ppm respectively. I was just wondering is it possible that my tank has cycled this quickly? I did use filter wool from an already established tank but 1 week just seems too fast?? I am especially concerned as I plan on keeping mbuna and am looking at putting in about 10 fry straight away with another 5 each week after until I have around 30 to reduce aggression. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  4. Thanks for that mate. Yeah I have stacked a whole bunch of limestone so there are plenty of caves, tunnels etc. I'll guess I'll look into getting around 30 and see how I go. Cheers.
  5. Hey mate, Thanks for the reply. In regards to my filtration i'll be running a sump with filter wool, bio balls, matrix and purigen (in that order), so hopefully filtration should be ok. I had a look at those fish, the Afra Cobue and Lions Cove, very impressive i'll let you know when i'm ready to start putting the fish in. Still not sure how many fish to put in though?? Cheers.
  6. Hey guys, I've almost got my 4x2x2 tank up and running. About to start cycling the water in the next week or so. My only problem now is which fish to put in?? I am especially keen on the Lake Malawi Mbuna's. I've been doing a bit of research on them but alot of it is very contradictory. I am only looking at having a display tank, not really up for breeding fish at the moment, so was wondering if an all male mbuna tank is ok?? Or will they be too aggressive? My other issue is how many? I have read that it is good to overstock these cichlids as it can help reduce aggresiveness, has anyone had any success with this and what would be considered overstocking for a tank my size? Also can anyone recommend any good mbubna species that are generally easily available? I would like to have alot of colour and have read that it is good to buy most of the fish together as fry, so ones that are easily available would make that alot easier. Thanks guys.
  7. Thanks for that. I guess i'll try and use the largest diameter pipe i can for the water to flow to the sump. What do you think of the setup of the filter though? i was thinking of using some perspex to extend the side the bio balls are on. That way i can lift the bio balls up, maybe put some eggcrate than Matrix underneath them. Than maybe Purigen. I was also thinking of removing the small glass section on the upper right and having the water only come in through the spray arm? Any thoughts?
  8. Hey guys. I am setting up a new tank I bought and it came with a mini reef filter. This is my first tank so I need some help setting it up. As shown in the picture, the way the filter works as best as I can tell- the water drains out of the tank, hits the t-bar- some goes into the spray arm which drains through the filter wool then trickles through the bio balls, the rest pumps into the other compartment which drains through wool, some other chemical media and some bio balls. All the wtaer ends up in the bottom compartment where it is pumped back to the tank with a pump. My questions are; 1. I have learned on this forum that bio balls cannot be subnmerged, that water must trickle through them to have any effect. But if the wtaer level rises in the filter enough to reach the inlet of the pump won't that submerge alot of the bio balls, making them pointless? 2. The tank itself (which is a 4x2x2 by the way) has 2 35mm holes cut into the back, 1 at the top on each side. The setup it came with was a long spray arm for the inlet and a slotted cone type pipe for the outlet. this was connected to the filter with clear plastic tubing. I was planning on changing this to PVC to make it more secure. My question is how powerful of a pump should I use to ensure that the wtaer getting pumped up to the tank isn't going to pump fatser than the wtaer draining inot the filter?
  9. alittlej83

    Mini Reef Filter

    photos of mini reef filter
  10. Yeah was thinking of going with the Malawi's. I had a look online at the holey rocks, they look awesome bit pricey though. Do you know anywhere I could get them any cheaper? Thanks for the help.
  11. Hey guys, I am only new to cichlids so need to help. I have just purchased a 4x2x2 tank with coral sand and a few rocks with a sump. Was planning on keeping african cichlids but not sure what would be a good number and which ones go well together? Also I know that the coral sand is good for the PH for africans but was wondering if it would also be beneficial to put in some limestone rocks as well? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.
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