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  1. Thanks. It means a lot to know that people liked what I did. It's unfortunate that it all has to go. But... I may have a bigger and better project in the near future. Stay tuned
  2. I was expecting a totally different response to this. But I 100% agree with everything you said. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But I don't see the need to tell people they are wrong or this and that won't work. I have had a few people ask me why I was given a hard time about this setup and I simply answered with I have no idea. My previous post was just to update and prove that what I had planned all along worked well. Maybe there were a few others who were liking my stock list and were unsure of how it could work. I just want to encourage people to do their research and try things differently. I'm not suggesting oscars and neons. But you get the picture
  3. Just thought I'd like to share a little something to those few critics of this setup. Yes my tank was heavily stocked with what some of you may consider species that cannot co exist. To your surprise my tank worked extremely well. Lots of breeding (no cross breeding). No mysterious deaths (the frontosas are giant cats). Most of all I myself and every visitor who ever saw the tank stared in admiration of how beautiful it was! So I suggest to some of you by the book die hards. Think outside the box, experiment a little. Find out what works well for you like I did after many years of trying. Study your fish tank instead of ridiculing others on a forum. To all who did follow this thread and had kind comments and have great passion like me thank you.
  4. I'm about to start some renovations and the room it's in is getting new flooring. To be honest the thought of stripping the tank down, Re housing the fish, moving the tank and then re set it up after the rennos is far to much fuss. So I'd rather sell it all and start something a little different when I'm ready. I'm asking $1750 ono for the setup. What are all your thoughts?
  5. If glen got the tank he said he was buying I think it's a 10x2x3 or something around that size. Glens fish are stunning. I very grateful to have seen his collection
  6. Fish are looking great glen. Glad to see you got another arrow
  7. jrod

    Fish Pond questions

    Thanks guys, I'm in the process of building the homemade filter system. Got myself a 200L water drum. Just trying to figure how i want to plumb it all in. I have a 10000Lph pump I'm not using and was just wondering if it was sufficient. I'm new to whole pond deal. What plant should be used and why?
  8. jrod

    Fish Pond questions

    Can anyone help with the filtration question? What kind of turnover would you recommend in a 4500L pond
  9. jrod

    Fish Pond questions

    Thanks mate. That sounds like the go.
  10. Hi everyone, just a few questions on fish ponds. I'm planning to build a 4500 litre pond in my backyard and was just wondering what methods people have used or seen to waterproof the pond. I think the liner looks cheap so I'm considering a different alternative. Also should I still use the same rule of thumb we use in aquariums regarding water filtration turnover rate?
  11. I was hoping for an update. Still looking amazing mate!!!
  12. jrod

    Where to go for tanks?

    Yeah Westside and abyss are both my choices as tank builders. Both extremely cheap and well built!
  13. Yeah the pool filter sand is by far the best in my opinion.
  14. Hey Jrod. Thanks for your feed back. Would you surges I have a single return from the pump at one end of the tank? Or should I have 2 returns 1 at each end of the tank. The over flow tanks will be at each end at the back, if this helps at all. I normally go for the duel outlet spray bars. One at each end. But a single spraybar in the middle might also work. What you want is a nice current or whirlpool in the tank so it picks up all waste throughout the tank and brings it towards the weir.
  15. I personsly would go the 2nd setup. You will get get beter filtration out of it both bio and mechanical. I would Also go a single pump around 5000-6000lph
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