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  1. fishinf

    Breeding Frenzy

    They are biparental and they swap eggs ....well done Damien
  2. fishinf

    NSWCS October Major Auction

    I forgot to get some lots ....shame i was going to bring some frontosa. .yellow chatika. .Liminochromis auritus. .and whatever else un decided
  3. fishinf

    Bristle nose help

    The two foot tank is established ... sometimes if i see a log full of baby's I'll transfer to the two foot Maybe i over feed them ..ive found them nearly impossible to kill in the past
  4. fishinf

    Bristle nose help

    Hi i have a 5x18 tank with 2 sponge filters and a canister filter with a sponge over the inlet so fry don't get sucked up i do a water change every 2 weeks or so with prime and nothing else i have 8/10 assorted brislenose ,,long fin,,common ,,albinos plus 4 pepps A lot of endlers and stacks of cherry shrimp Heaps of driftwood ,,plants,,substrate is pool filter sand i feed hikari waffers put through a coffee grinder and fresh vegetables spinach ,,zucinni,, They spawned twice and they spread throughout then disappeared I have a 2foot as well and put eggs in there they hatched spread out 3 weeks or so gone
  5. fishinf

    NSWCS Sept meeting

    Im comming
  6. fishinf

    Placidochromis sp. "Phenochilus Tanzania"

    I seen some at labyrinth at campsie
  7. fishinf

    K1 media in sump

    I have this going on il try to get a pic up tomorrow ....or come have a look I'm not far
  8. fishinf

    Frontosa death

    The way you put the prime in could be the problem ...I wouldn't do that plus 27° is pretty hot
  9. fishinf

    Water circulation for frontosa

    I use a wave maker sometimes and it's fine ...so id say its fine
  10. when it happened to me i put it down to hot days ..d but who knows
  11. do you think the tank gets up to and past 30 degrees on hot days
  12. i had the same thing happen with my yellows when i increased the colony size . mine were with with lip madokos in a 5"x18 i was trying everything more food less food nothing helped more food made things worse .anyway mine are in my house and i used to open the blind to see then but in oct/nov they must have got to hot so i closed the blind when i worked this out and the sick one droped off and the rest stablzed its been about 6 weeks know and there both breeding well . but one yellow is very skinny in there the vets a good idea my colony is not male heavy now so i think the dom male cut down some smaller males hang in there theyl get right
  13. fishinf

    a few photos

    hahha yeah no worries i have some at 1cm so another 2-3 months and i will have some for sale
  14. fishinf

    a few photos

    there not as big as they lok the male would be around 28cm in the pims and 26cm in the burrundi feed on nls new era orca and prawns