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  1. Can you use a piece of 600mm wide plywood first then your foam then the tank on top?
  2. Thanks guys, theres a guy up the valley who said he will buy it from me next week, though he thinks its dark due to stress.
  3. Really? No one can help me sex this fish or give me an idea of how much i should sell it for? Its currently for sale here and on some face book fish sites where someone suggested its not a Kigoma at all. Can anyone confirm if it is indeed a Kigoma? Which is what i bought it as at 3cms from a breeder up here a few years ago.
  4. I dont think its a rusty, looks the wrong shape to me.
  5. yes that's what I thought. by the way its a video, plenty of side on viewing.
  6. I'm having trouble with my Cyphotilapia frontosa Kigoma. I think it's a male, just going off dorsal fin shape and the developing horrid forehead (Nuchal hump), please confirm or correct me if I am wrong. Anyway lately he has been bashing my male Otopharynx lithobates, to the point where the litho has been badly fin nipped and now hides among the rocks (not at all Haplochromine behaviour). I don't have any spare tanks big enough to house either of them so I am thinking I will have to sell the Kigoma, the only problem is I am not 100% sure on the sex and have no idea how much to seel him/her for? it's about 13-14cms and a couple of years old. I have attached a video, in the hopes that experienced Frontosa wranglers could help out.
  7. dazzman

    Grow Out Tank

    No dont use a foam one mate.
  8. I know a guy who adds it to his frozen food mix. Also uses the powder for a fry food.
  9. I run 3 basket cannister filters where the water comes down through a tube and then gets sucked up through the media to the top and i set them up like this. Bottom basket has ceramic noodles with a coarse sponge on top, middle basket is filled with coral rubble, top basket has another chunky porous media (cant remember the name) with filter wool on top. This setup works really well for me.
  10. I would be very hesitant to feed them to africans, the majority of which are vegitarian. To much risk of malawi bloat.
  11. Yep, thats probably a good suggestion Tim.
  12. Did any original strain (blue x red) M.estherae go through?
  13. Do you want adults or fry? And any species in particular? You should also apply for use of the classified section.
  14. I think the universal rocks ones have magnets embedded into them which you can use with magnets on the back of the tank to hold it in place
  15. Thanks guys, there used to be one at caloundra but i think it closed a couple years back.
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