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  1. 8x3x2' Reef Tank Journal

    Update - got the mixing station mostly plumbed. All dry fitted then glued. Only a couple very minor leaks which I have since rectified. Pretty happy with it and seems to be working a treat so far. The left barrel is SW and the right RODI. I like the 'closed loop' on the left as I can turn the pump on and really churn the water to either mix salt or get the water full of oxygen before a water change. Each drum holds 220L (~60gal). All that is left to do is clamp a flexible hose on the reducer and install drill a hole for the float switch to plumb the RODI line into so I don't flood my garage.
  2. 8x3x2' Reef Tank Journal

    Slipshodman - Thanks for the kind words. Have a busy weekend this weekend, finishing off whatever plumbing I can on the display, and potentially leak testing. Will also be plumbing the mixing station, doesn't sound like much, but there are a heap of taps and other plumbing pieces involved. Will definitely keep this thread updated as things progress.
  3. 8x3x2' Reef Tank Journal

    We are like every other couple expecting a kid, we will wing it! First kid is always a bit of a trial run anyway isn’t it?
  4. 8x3x2' Reef Tank Journal

    Thanks! Congrats to yourself too. This is our first. Like everyone’s been telling me, our lives are going to get pretty hectic when bubs comes along. So in the meantime I’m trying to knock off as much of this tank as possible.
  5. 8x3x2' Reef Tank Journal

    Ray - Thanks mate. Tank painted by the boss, 33 weeks pregnant and done a really good job!
  6. 8x3x2' Reef Tank Journal

    Once in a generation a FW keeper will have the guts to go to the dark side!
  7. 8x3x2' Reef Tank Journal

    Josh - I agree that it does look the part. The Carib Sea Life Rock i got for the quarantine was just a sample to see if I liked it, and I do for the most part. I have used live rock in the past and as good as live rock is for your system, it also comes with its fair share of nasty hitchhikers, have dealt with large growing crabs and mantis shrimp in the past. The plan was to use the Carib Sea Life Rock (I'll use the term 'fake rock' from here) as a total replacement to avoid live rock altogether (and all the hitch hikers that come with it). For me it is either use all live rock (and deal with the hitch hikers) or none at all. Using some of both is kind of counter intuitive as to why people use the fake rock to begin with (not that people don't do that). At worst, I would do the tank with fake rock and just add a scraping of coraline algae off some live rock without actually putting the rock into my tank to seed it. In terms of price - its about the same. Most retailers of the fake rock go for ~$8kg for the base rock and around the $16-18kg mark for the 'shapes and shelf' variety. Quality live rock in Perth is usually $15-16kg! So going down to fake rock alternative doesn't really make it any cheaper! as crazy as that is. I will add some sand to the quarantine tank shortly as I want the star of the show in the display tank to be a small group 2-3 Lennardi Wrasse - that do better with sand (somewhere to sleep and forage) and I want to get the Lennardi into quarantine soon. It's a funny one, as the Lennardi are super rare overseas, which is a nice change to have something readily available in Aus and have keepers in the US froth! and also people telling me they are so expensive in Aus at ~$250ea after being a long term FW stingray/exotics keeper in Aus, $250 is a 'cheap fish'!
  8. 8x3x2' Reef Tank Journal

    Seems like every week there are multiple packages arriving in the mail, which is like the adults version of Christmas! The postman brought me a new Red Sea Refractometer and another Ecotech MP40. Did get some bad news today though, the ETA on my skimmer has been pushed back to the 18th of June which is a bit of a bummer, but it does give me a chance to really pull my finger out and get all the odd jobs done.
  9. 8x3x2' Reef Tank Journal

    Attached the RODI system to the wall. This RODI system has a duel inbuilt TDS meter (TDS of pretreated and treated water), actually surprised to see the TDS of my tap water around the 400ppm mark. The treated water coming out is at 0ppm, so working nicely. Still need to fix the tubing to the wall to make it a bit neater. I have started filling the QT tank with RODI, then it's time to add salt and start the cycle. I am quite impressed with how the Carib Sea Life Rock looks when wet under lights. Some nice purple/pink without being over powering, I think Carib Sea have done a great job with the finish of this rock.
  10. Hi After along lay off from having a reef tank, I made the hard to decision to sell all of my freshwater stingrays and set up a new reef tank! The tank is in our front lounge room that backs onto our double car garage. I picked this room of the house, as it was easy to drill through the brick wall and turn half the garage into my 'equipment' room. The tank itself is a 8x3x2' (LxWxH) glass, black silicone and starfire/low iron front and sides. The stand I had professionally welded by a local fabricator, and powder coated 'satin' black. I picked a Satin finish (low gloss) as it gives a bit more of a 3D feel rather than matt black that very much looks 2D. The stand is all open and won't be cladded with anything. I think the height and sleekness of the stand being open gives the tank an illusion of being taller than it is at only 60cm/24". Also having a bracket made and finished the same as the stand that will go over the tank for the lighting to hang from. The tank was also drilled for a Synergy Ghost Overflow, and has been plumbed as a bean animal system to reduce noise as much as possible. The idea is that no plumbing will be seen from the front when viewing the tank and the pipe work will go through the wall and all that will be seen is an open stand with the wall and back of the tank also painted black. The idea is to black everything out; back glass, stand and wall and try get as much focus on the colours of the fish and corals. The quarantine tank also sits in the garage in the equipment room. The QT tank is bigger than what most people would use, but I had it from one of my FW set ups and the tank was pretty much brand new. QT is 4'x2.5'x1.5' approx' 400L/100Gal - and will be filters by an Aqua One Nautilus 2700. I also like the idea of being able to quarantine decent amounts of fish at a time. The rock in the display is Carib Sea Life Rock, a combination of 'shelf' and 'shapes'. Ordered online to try it out and see if I'd use it on the display. Sump - 4'x2.5'x1.5' and is approx' 400L/100Gal. I have already bought my skimmer, ended up going with the Nyos Quantum 300. I got this skimmer as it had some very good reviews, came recommended and seemed to be reasonable value for money. I will keep this thread updated as things, change and things should come along pretty quickly. Next up is to get the back of the tank painted and the wall drilled and painted to get the tank moved back onto the wall! Cheers, Alex
  11. MArine 4x3x2 epic

    Nice work on the SW tank. What kind of lighting are you running?
  12. Couple of Tanks on the Go

    Awesome mate! Enjoy the new tanks. Good dimensions for rays. New set ups are what i've gone from and to. Sold up my rays and current 8 footer and have purchased a shiny new 8x3x2' to be set up as a reef.
  13. Lichnochromis acuticeps colouring up

    Awesome fish. Probably time to trade in the toaster for a camera though!
  14. Iridescent shark

    An amazing fish if kept correctly. Fantastic growth out of them.
  15. best food for conditioning large malawi haps

    Whitebait/Silver sides - whole fish if they can take them or cut in half. Get all the goodness from the organs/bones.