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  1. Not hyjackd foai talk always exceptable
  2. Hi guys just wanted to say got my cape kaboga today fron cichlidfry .healthy fish and packed well .so the hunt for the fish is over .
  3. You shore they arent furcifer .great video ned
  4. Bloody beutys ned nice video .thanks for sharing
  5. Hi ned hard man to find .great to here you still are around not left the hobby .as u see im getting 10 of greg so im stocked to finally get some boys into the girls I have left Cheers mike
  6. Yes ciclid fry they r the ones mine r foai andcyes spelt your way .never could write it rite .I got mine from phycofoai ned 3 years ago how long till they r redy and how much .im in adelaide so aae would need to happen .pm me if that will help .thanks for getting back .or have u a spare male
  7. Hi anyone be able to help I need a male or fry .I have 3 12cm girls who need a guy .must be able to freight . Cheers mike
  8. Sweet looks great .i read only the one .he looks great
  9. Hi im after some descampsii.i got some of ace in victoria and now he is out of cichlids so was chasing some .anybody no of or have fry please get in touch with me need to b able to freight cheers michael
  10. Yes marine plus at lonsdale 1040 deliverd could not belive the price all12 mm glasstank is 990 50 delivery will put up some photos on 5 of may hopefully thanks for reply richard
  11. looks wicked dogboy arew they leloupi from my stock im getting my new tank next week 2.1 long 800wide 900 high cant wait to have my own peice of tang in the housewill put couple photos on here to show eveyone cheers richard
  12. i bought a colony of 20 bemba redsall 30mm from a reliable breeder wen they all grew op i noticed 5 wre different colour i got my tang bible out and found i had 5 cherry spots the bembas allways bred never breeding with the cherry spots i was worried they mite so took out the cherry spots as soon as out the cherrys spawnd and dont stop spawning so it leaves me to beleive there is some way they no there own strain ,not saying crossing them is a good thing or trying to cross just telling you the way it was cheers mike
  13. i dont no if u no anybody or u can get them urself but pieces internet site has them ,i bought 30kg it cost 100 sent to adelaide but i no someone with a aquarium shop ,but u never no good luck mike
  14. hi i have two males three females in a 4x1x1 they dont seem to fite one holds one side of rok the other the other side of rok it is best to keep to males then there is always compertion going on for the girls ,if one wont breed then the other will ,normaly the sub male will do most breeding because the domint one to busy show in of
  15. the tank looks great , every body has there own opinion,you just do wat u wont to ,it looks great keep up the good work ,im in sth aussie i wish the tanks were that cheep here 600 for 8x2x2 thats excellent, 1400 for 7x2.5x2.5 herein adelaide cheers mike
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