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  1. mmm sory probebly should respond to my claims.....do the maths, find the rare, non tang....it isnt hard....Find the rare tang.....i laugh, there is a couple but..... Wake up and help the species that are not here in numbers, NSCS seems to have a decent list but it isnt an import list!!! I hate it when i feel im the only one trying for fracked species that need breeding to survive... The Newcastle representitive would know that if he actually had something to do with the local forum.
  2. Orange used to be the new Purple.... Maybe Pink... it seems keepers think that tangs are the new cash cow... have you guys even thaught about what has happened in the past... As far as i see it is the 3rd coming of tangs... Yes they are top sexy fish but i dont see the 3rd coming with a great attitude. you blokes listen to the hype about being batch tested etc, has it happened yet? no, look to the bull craP! There seems to be so many more fish than i can keep in my hatchery than i cant keep, how about you fish experts maake a decent decision.....
  3. 260 fry grown out from one spawn of jewells was my best. They can produce alot if well conditioned.
  4. Anyone know if Douglas (Killiguy??) still keeps them.
  5. If I am correct they are the fish at the shop, I gave an I'd for them and actually moved a holding fish a couple of weeks ago to the tank next door to spit, it should have well and truly spat up by now.
  6. Most plants do not like hard water so viability will depend on inhabitancs.
  7. too many fish IMO are they all adults or juveniles? would cut back to a single species and only 15-20 full size yellows in a standard 4 ft. 4x2x2 would allow more and 30 shouldnt be a problem. They need a large footprint not height.
  8. its a shame it takes something like this for people to react, and judging by the post above some dont.. Our local news had been telling us since November we would be having hot days and weeks here and there but none came to fruition. I think people have become complacent and have come to distrust the 'Local weather man' as their predictions are usually quite wrong. I agree it was televised and people should have been prepared but you cant hold it against them that the weather man actually got it right for a change. My issues came when i actually HAD to sleep. tanks at 28 when going to bed and 32, 6 hours later. Not all of us are blessed with a huge house and air conditioning just for their fish.
  9. Nice, Im glad it all worked out for you. 7 is about an average size clutch. Best Gob full i have stripped from them was 13 fry, 6 of which were albino
  10. Yep Yep that makes sense, just the 2 collection points, identicle fish. So this means they are the same fish not 2 seperate collection point morphs. Thanks for looking them up for me, it is apreciated. I really need to buy a book one day instead of relying on google
  11. the fish looks to have a white blaze carrying through the dorsal to the tail similar shape and colour pattern to a litho but with stripes. Stress? sleeping fish when photographed?.
  12. I just want to clarify something. Are Tropheops sp. Boadzulu and Makokola the same fish if not why are they labelled with both or sometimes only one of the names. Makokola is a collection point right at the bottom of the lake and the females i have seen are all OB, is it the same for Boadzulu if they are a diff species. Mostly have seen it written Tropheops sp. "Boadzulu" (Makokola)?? hope that makes sense
  13. That makes more sense than what they did with some of the plants in the last few years. Do you know if any genetic research has gone into the changes or is it all physical characteristics?
  14. With the use of genetics many plants and animals can now be genetically tested and re classified without too many issues. Id say fish are now going down the same path as orchids did a few years ago. We used to joke back then about the splitters (blokes doing the work to get famous and be more politically correct) and The lumpers (like me who would not change my very expensive plant tags to the new names) At one stage i could sell the same plant under 3 names all of them accepted in the horticulture commuinity. I think it is just an example of being more correct in their identification.
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