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  1. Hi guys, I have 2 fish that I'd like you opinions on. The first Iam assuming is some kind of linebred Dragonblood perhaps, but the concave nose seems odd. The second fish was sold to me as a Lethrinops Kande Island. Would love your opinions. Regards Josh Fish No. 1 Fish No. 2 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Wow...solid advice guys. Much appreciated! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hi All, I need some good, solid advice. I have a 6ft 540l display tank with a mixture of around 25 mbuna & peacocks. I've had the tank running for 5-6 years and I've always used an airpump and stone. I think the time has come to ditch the air pump to provide a more natural looking environment. I use a Fluval FX5 canisterfilter and have the outlets pointed upwatd to provide some surface agitation. My question is...if I remove the air pump and air stone, Will my fish be OK? I've read that as long as you have surface agitation the fish will be fine, but with over $500 worth of fish in the tank I'm not prepared to take an uneducated punt. I was considering purchasing a small wavemaker like the JVP-110 to point at the surface to assist with the agitation. I would love any advice. Cheers Josh
  4. How's she tracking Bruce? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Search for Macropore on EBay. It's the same as Purigen but half the price. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Sweet...Thanks Matt. I appreciate all you help! Josh
  7. Not sure I'm getting enough flow? I measured that I'm only turning over approx 120l/h using the two uplifts. I am using 2 x 19mm irrigation pipes and running a decent amount of air into them. I even tried using 2 pumps connected to the one uplift and the change to the flow seemed insignificant. I believe that I should should be aiming anywhere between 4-6 turnovers per hour? The tank is 120 litres. Any suggestion on what I could do to increase the water flow?? Cheers Josh
  8. Yes Please... What size and how much you asking? Cheers Josh
  9. Done.... Thanks for your help Mattrox....You saved me a fortune. Check out the pics below! Cheap as chips! Hopefully it works OK. Cheers
  10. I dropped you an SMS on the weekend re the Baenschi. I'll try and get across this week. Cheers Josh
  11. Nice idea Bruce. I'm guessing any more than 1 male might create Agro?
  12. Awesome Damo, Put me down for a few! Are they with or without the bars? Josh.
  13. Majestic Aquariums has them on their list. Lab. Nkhali are white with black bars. Thanks Matt, Any idea about the white ones without the stripes? Like in the vid.
  14. Anyone seen these for sale in Oz? Click Here for Vid! If so, would love to get my hands on some. Cheers Josh
  15. Good stuff! I only ever have them moving really gently too. I use enough air so they very occasionally rise up off the bottom. Have always had good survival rates that way.
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