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  1. Look like air stones to me ?.
  2. WOW..... thats a big snake. Yeah it looks like you drew mud lol.. j/k
  3. Well the other day after the newcastle hill climb (Some wicked cars and Camo might post some pictures up if we're lucky!) Camo (Cameron Meredith) and mezzacam (Cameron Lennox) were around my place and we ended up doing a little bit of a photo shoot with my kingsizei (Or as mike W pointed out, Cynotilapia Pulpican 'Likoma') Camo had his new camera and took some snaps and credit goes to him. It's my young alpha male in my now breeding colony (4 mouthfuls in the last mount! Yess) Lennox had a go and from what the pictures looked like... just doesn't have the knack for photography When Camo is able to send me some more or uploads them himself i'll try get some more posted up. Hope yous enjoy. Cheers, Stotto.
  4. Hi Matt I got mine a year ago for $15 each I think, But that was from a newcastle forum member. The price's you have seen them at, are they LFS price's ?. If so best bet would be to get in contact with Collin "colfish" and get some off him. Hope that helps. Ben
  5. Hey Guys Just wondering if the Hagen Master Test Kit From AOA is suitable for freshwater aquariums ?. I have been looking at a few sites and they all say somethng along the lines of "There is a full line of both basic saltwater and reef testing kits available, most of which can also be used for freshwater". So im just curious to see if it's suitable for freshwater. Hagen Master Test Kit Cheers guys Ben
  6. thanks for you comments guys. mmmm ok I might have to try make a little door or something so in the winter I can close off the Whirly Bird. Yeah putting up the walls was quite easy. The hardest thing was putting on the door Tanks at the moment will be my 4x2x2, 2x 4fts, 3ft and 2x 2fts. That still leaves me with about 5 empty tanks laying around but I would like to see the power bill befor I set up more tanks. Also most of the mentiond tanks are on seperate stands wich takes up more room. When I get my wallet back in shape im thinking about oging to get some pallet racking or long spand shelving(depending how much it can hold) and that will make the room look better and save soom floor space so I can get more tanks in
  7. Hey guys Thought I would post up some pics of my new fish room. My self, Mezzacam & a couple of mates put her up in 2 days and another day of putting in the insulation and ply on the outside and inside. Its not quite done yet as I need to get some insulation on the other 2 walls and roof. There is still a few bits and peices to be done and get a coat of paint on the ply, but other than that im pretty happy with the job. Im thinking about putting a whirlybird on the roof to get the air moving and to cool it as it has colourbond on the roof and the other 2 sides. What are your thoughts on that ??, am i defeating the purpose of the insulation ??. The start 1 of the walls Door goes on Complete frame Neally done Fat Bats go in Finished result (neally) Mezzacam "helping" NOT... Any ideas and coments are welcome. Ben
  8. Here is my 4x2x2 tang display. Ben
  9. Yes unfortunately the home made thingo was dodgy as all hell, thus it fell apart and they become high protein fish food ( goes to prove NEVER do any thing dodgy ) Yes they have been fighting something shocking and the female was in quite bad shape. I had her in a fry saver for bout 5 days and let her back into the tank. I have been watching them over this past week and she has settled in now and they are not fighting as much, she has also started to get her colour back . Yeah so hopefully again in a few weeks or so I might get another mouthful, But ill be prepared this time . Cheers Ben
  10. Im in need of some advice fast. I found one of my gobies today with realy bad fin damage was really off colour and the other one was on the edge of killing the poor thing. So as i scooped him out of the tank to put in a fry net he let go off all these eggs. but i dunno if they are alive or what and he wont pick them up again. So i have quickly ran around trying to find someting to put them in such as a egg tumbler but all of the diy ones on the net i aint got the supplies to do it. So this is what i have done. Is this any good its the only thing that ican thing of that may be able to help them. Have i lost all hope Please anyone with any ideas PS.. there was only a couple swiming around in the fry saver. PPS.. will theose bubles be to rough for them to survive ???.
  11. WOW... I really hope that he/or she has a mouthfull. I would consider stripping him or her but am prety curious to see how long it will hold. Maybe in a few days if she/he still holding I might strip them. Thx for the replys. Ben
  12. Hey Everyone. Was having a look at my 4x2x2 last night and saw one of my gobies with a little bulge in his mouth but im not sure if its a mouthfull or what. I managed to get a pic (its not very good has everytime i go near the tank he hides). Anyone got any ideas ?? Ben.
  13. Well I also have not breed BN may times before and what i found to trigger them was to feed them well, I mean zucchini, alge discs and even some sinking pellets. I also found they dont dont like sparkling water keep it allite dirty it dont hurt them and they love it. Also throw in some nice chunks of drift wood aswell they loving having a good munch on that. As for caves I reckon have ago a building some of Matty's BN caves they are the best thing I have ever made and they are cheap as chips to build. Hope that helps.. Ben
  14. Seems like gobies are the in thing at the moment.
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