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  1. go to your lfs and ask them to order you an overflow comb which you can silicon to the top of the weir
  2. love that last pic, what happened to the torana ?
  3. why dont you try putting a whirly bird in the roof to help with ventilation
  4. Hey noddy do you have the complete price list from. Abyss ?
  5. i have been watching this from the start and it has turned out real nice, you gotta be happy so far .... well done
  6. thanks for that mate just wasn't sure about the gap in between.
  7. Hi all I have decided to build my own tank as I have a family member in the glass industry therefore costs will be low. The tank will be 2ft x 40 x 40 and in star fire all round, my question is what should my measurements be for each piece as I am not sure if I should be leaving a mm or 2 for silicon between the corner joins or should each piece be hard up against each other ?
  8. some nice fish you have there mate and im loving your set up
  9. imo they should be ready to go, how much each or for 50 ?
  10. they look like some quality fish
  11. i had the same filter also with same problem and i used plumbers tape around the o ring which fixed it up temporarily. here's the link for an o ring http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AQUA-ONE-CF1000...27#ht_530wt_907
  12. cant wait to see it up and running
  13. thanks maswa managed to get in contact with them, $70 for a 2ft t5 led tube isn't to bad i dont think. thanks
  14. hi all i have been looking on the net trying to find t5 led tubes 2ft in length and cant seem to find anything about them. i know they exist at 4ft length so im just wondering if anyone can give me any info. thanks
  15. i agree with priscacara. great vids ......
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