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  1. Thanks Obsessive, will call them up and see how fast they can turn around a tank.
  2. Hey guys, I apologize for this long post and many questions in advance haha.... So I had a bit of a disaster last week, came home from a work trip and after about 3 hours of sleep heard my in wall aquarium spraying water everywhere. It stopped leaking once the water got to about 1/3rd the volume and the sump was completely drained. I managed to save all the fish (it was an emergency so I bought a 4ft tank to move all my fish into and the cheapest filtration I could - not ideal but better then them dying). The house will be fixed under insurance so not as concerned about that, but now my issue is, replacing my aquarium. I have called around and have had a lot of companies suggest replacing my tank rather then repairing it (to try and reduce chance of further leaks). The tank that had issues is 1560mm long x 740mm tall x640mm deep (12mm glass). Can anyone recommend a quality tank builder in Sydney who could make me a replacement and possibly install it at a reasonable cost (plumbing, etc)? There were a few things I always disliked about my old tank, the placement of the holes (drain/return were located beside each other on same side of tank, I think having water flow across tank would be better (correct me if I'm wrong). Also would love to have a drilled hole half way down for draining the tank more easily for water changes. I'm also tossing up changing my sump design (matrix style sump) and getting a new one built at same time with lids, better placement of compartments/space for bio balls, easier to clean, etc) and plumbing my ecotech vectra m1 pump to run in-line instead of taking up space in the sump. Good/bad idea? And finally, anyone have any idea what the best way to get rid of the old tank would be? No way I can carry the tank out myself or transport it (I think its 200+ kg and I still have gravel in it i need to get out but haven't - kind of lost the will to after spending the weekend trying to get the water out of the house. Regards, Nav
  3. Sorry, should have replied earlier, ended up going for two sp120 pros from aqualina. Work a treat, just wish the software allowed you to sync profiles for lights between multiple lights. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  4. Sorry should have updated, I'm planning to buy a mr series led aqualina (custom job) five foot. The guys from aqualina came back to me with a few recommendations. I hadn't realised they could do custom jobs as well. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  5. Hey all, So I have been running aqualina lights on my five foot tank (had 4x55 watt 10k/450nm bulbs and a moonlight) for the last six years but it seems line my light enclosure has died on me. I've been looking for led replacements but not quite sure what I can get on a budget that would mimic my old lights at least. My tank is pretty deep (3 ft deep) and has no plants. It's a african cichlid tank with a variety of mbuna. The advice I keep getting from lfs's is to go for radeons but that seems a bit over kill for lighting. I mainly want to mimic the actinic lighting and be able to hook up timers to both the moonlight and day lights. Anyone have suggestions? I was looking at the aqualina mr range (150cm) but that's a bit pricey at around $550. Found some beamworks hi lumen on ebay but don't think they will be powerful enough to get to the depths of my tank. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  6. Hey link2hell, gave for solution a try last night works well. Thanks for the tip.
  7. So far the biggest I've found has a 15mm attachment, must be one that's 16mm. I think I'll have to resort to a diy vac like you suggested but I always prefer the lazy approach
  8. Hey, Can anyone recommend a gravel vac I can buy (preferably online) that can attach to a 16mm hose? I've bought a few but all seem suitable for smaller hoses only. I just want to use my 16mm hose as it cuts my water change times significantly compared to smaller hoses.
  9. I'm now on a quest to rid my tank of all noise, now the biggest culprit is my schego air pump and the noise of the water returning into the sump
  10. So far I can't feel any heat off of the driver or power supply. It's pretty much at room temperature. Not sure what will happen on the 40+ celsius days though.
  11. If it wasn't for the visual queue of my water flowing I don't think I'd be able to tell if my pump was on or not. Well worth the wait.
  12. So pump plumbed and running after a trip to Reece plumbing. Boy is it quiet. Can't hear it when the cabinet doors for my tank are closed. The calibration was simple as well, took about ten minutes to setup. Also a big fan of the way it starts by gradually increasing it's water flow, no more jet stream flying across my tank when I start it.
  13. Looks like the diameter of the outlet is 40mm but that equates to 32mm bsp fitting. I was mistakenly using the diameter when looking for adapters.
  14. Thanks ray. Will check them out tomorrow.
  15. Err... 1.5 inch to 1 inch... I need to think before I type lol
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