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  1. Three tanks now. Fish breed too fast. I got a combination of demasoni and yellow labs. 60+ 2~3 weeks old mbuna fry in 60l tank. 60+ 1~2 months old mbuna fry in 120l tank. 18 adult mbuna in 240l tank. Basically, i'm gonna use these feeders, set them to very small feeding amount, and feed once a day. I'm only going to put enough food inside the feeder to last 2 weeks max. They can go hungry for the last 1.5 weeks before i come back to look after them. This way, even if the feeder malfunction, the small amount of food inside the feeder itself won't cause a catastrophe. *(i hope) I really don't think they will make it over 3.5 weeks since the demasoni will turn on the yellow labs when they are too hungry.
  2. yea i bought two of the feeders. they don't work perfectly for 0.3mm NLS. Cos the pellets are so fine, they just can't stop pouring out. Not sure about the bigger pellets. I have not yet set it up for my main tank. Ive got to carefully set it in BETWEEN two settings, then hold it in position with tape. Set it on 24hr feeding cycle... and hope for the best.
  3. thx! you gave me enough confidence to order 2 of those for my tanks. With postage it comes to $47 for 2. :D
  4. I didn't dare consider these cheap auto feeders. the food amount i intend to feed would be small since i won't be around to d othe weekly water change. I'm not worried about the amount it can hold,.. but reliability. I don't want to come back to find the whole stored food was dumped on the first day, and all my fish rotting in the fish tank, etc etc.... However.... they are really cheaper... anyone ever used one of these cheap feeders?
  5. Don't know what to do.... Going away for 3~4 weeks. I'll have 2 tanks running while i'm on holidays. One for growing juvi and one adult tank. Juvi tank will have 60+ fish in the 30gallon. Adult tank is a standard 4ft 50g tank, with 20 adult fish. Should I buy 2x fish feeders or can they all last for 3~4 weeks? I'm looking at the Eheim feeders going for $60 each.... such a price to pay for something i'm going to use once a year . Any suggestions?
  6. Thx Alex! I guess its worth learning how to post fish if i'm into this for the long term. The # of tanks will only increase over the years i suppose, and with that the # of fish i will have, and the babies. haha. I'll talk to you when i do go to the CDAS meeting. Its difficult time for me to make it so i've never showed myself there though joined in early in the year. KC.
  7. gave up. Maybe next time.
  8. Hang on, what fish stickers? oh... reading up more... i found out i need to buy Fastway stickers up front. In booklets too... What if i want to do a one time delivery. what is my best option? zzz,.. also, where do i buy fish bags. I tried to google "fish bag", but all i get is "FISH IN A BAG RECIPE! DELICIOUS!" I'm visualizing doing it,.. and i'm tired already. lol
  9. so... damn,... com... pli... ca.... ted.... What i might do: 1) Packing plan: - Buy a large fish bag that will hold all 20 fish. double bagged. - Styrafoam box - packing foam to fill up the gap. 2) FIll with water from aquarium, put in fish, a pinch of seachem safe. 3) on the way to post it, i'll drop by LFS to fill it up with air,... 4) send it off. its going to sydney,.. so hopefully temp won't be a problem if it doesn't stay somewhere cold overnight. if it gets any more complicated,... i'll probably just giv up.
  10. I'm posting 20xdemasoni which are about 4cm average. They are still young,.. so not too aggressive. 1 fish a bag seems alot. I was hoping 3~4 fish a bag. Maybe i can put the meaner looking ones to themselves, but the smaller ones 3 in a bag? When you say Jems you mean Jem Aquatic? I've never tried asking but will do so soon. The journey will be from Canberra to Sydney. I guess its kinda short journey. Med grade oxygen? Do you think the LFS will have these as well? What about fish bags? LFS too? What about temperature? Posting with current weather would be fine? haha, very very new to posting fish. I normally just have people coming over with buckets. I think this is going to be a challenge to pull off.
  11. Alright,... I need a wholesome guide on how to post fish between Canberra to Sydney CBD. Things need to cover: - How many fish a bag - How much water in the bag - What fish bag should i use - Where to get the styrafoam boxes - What courier service should i use Anyone who has successfully posted mbuna in the past. please share your experience! thX! regards. kc.
  12. Own one myself, basically, from the information i collected, it should be used when needed only. If it is one of the cheaper canisters with UV, then the plastics don't hold up very long before they get brittle. I already noticed internal wall of my canister starting to turn yellow at places where it is exposed to the light. That happened although I have used the UV for only a total of 20~30 days *(mainly for testing purposes rather than any actual need).
  13. seriously, you never really know what happen when your fish stop eating. You cannot be sure. 2 most recommended for mbuna who stops eating is metronidazole or Clout. Metronidazole i know for sure will not affect your filter bacteria and will not affect reproductive system of your fish. Coz i used it b4. Sometimes bacteria outbreak happens, you can't always identify what causes it. Maybe stress when you changed the gravel... etc etc.... Exactly what gravel did you change to? - material (argonite, marble, coral, sand, etc...) - size (0.3mm, 1mm, 1cm...) - roughness - used or new? And HOW exactly did you make the gravel change? - did you remove all your fish to a separate tank - was the other tank water cycled. - was the temperature under control - ... just tell the whole process. BUT in the end, you just need to treat it. If it was my tank, i'll dump in metronidazole. I won't care about the cost, its cheap compared to your fished, and it doesn't harm fish or bacteria. Why metronidazole,.. because its a tried and tested antibiotic which worked for mbuna who stops eating. It works on both bacteria and many parasites. So it covers a large range of stuff.
  14. Although you mention no bloat, i'm going to say it sounds like widespread malawi bloat to me (which is just symptoms not an actual disease). Stop eating, white poo, hiding are symptoms that the fish is unwell and cannot take in food. The actual disease could be anything from bacterial infection of the disgestive system, to organ failure, to parasites, etc etc... My first try would be metronidazole, and then probably clout. Metronidazole is an anti-biotic which should take care of bacterial infection and certain parasite problems. Clout is somewhat toxic stuff which will take care of parasites if any. (i think clout works for bacterial infection too), so just get hold of either one, i think it is your best bet. You cannot buy these off the shelf, but you can look around this forum or plecofanatics forum for others who will sell some to you through postage. If it is v. urgent, then get them to express post it.
  15. I'll also try raising it. I shd have time over the weekend to experiment with it :D I have a bunch of media from my previous filter that i just dumped over. It even overfilled and i had to remove some. Maybe i packed too much media causing strain to the flow.... anyway i'll try out the few suggestions by this weekend and we shall see.
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