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  1. Thanks Andrew, hope someone else can confirm your thoughts. How can you tell its a female?
  2. Can someone help ID this fish? My partner bought it and she isnt sure what it is, neither am i? this is the best pic i could get on my phone cheers.
  3. Hey guys, I'm thinking of selling my male Jag soon and down grading to something smaller. How much do you think I should sell it for? His approx. 25cm (almost 10 inches) i paid $10 for him when he was at about 2inches. As these fish are hard to find in SA im thinking it would be more than other states? I also have a female who he has bread with in the past so i could sell together... http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u51/stewy_018/photo1.jpg http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u51/ste...18/IMG_0253.jpg On another note, can anyone tell me if they are illegal to keep? i've heard from a few different aquarium places now that they are possibly black listed.... if you could shed some light on the situation would be good to know. Cheer jake
  4. Ive been looking at stingrays on the net and thinking of keeping one in my unused tank. Has anyone out there kept a freshwater stingray before? If so what sort of ray was it and how easy are they to keep? I was looking on the net and prices range from $150 to $15000.... Also how big do they grow, I have a 200L and 400L tank spare, would they be big enough?
  5. I have a male Jag about 8" and a female about 4.5" in a 6ft tank. For the second time running now they have killed the fertilized eggs. the first time they killed them before the eggs hatched and just recently they killed them just as the first few started to hatch. I was under the impression that you were meant to take them away after they become free swimming, as this is what i have done for other cichlids that i have successfully bread. however they are being killed before that. I am only new to breeding Jag's so can someone give me an idea on what do do for next time? Cheers, Jake
  6. I was looking around on the net and came across a site called www.ezipet.com.au and was wondering if anyone has bought any food or accessories from them before. They do have some cheap products and postage is a good price to. let me know if you know of or herd of them before or if they are any good? alternatively, does anyone know of any other good internet sites to buy food, etc from?
  7. Thanks Jim ill look into that product tomorrow morning 'Metronidazole'. And thanks as well mark, i already have turned up the temp to 28 degree's, and cleaned out all the wastes. Ive heard about the aquarium salts b4 but never really looked into it any further. would it be ok to use with the Metronidazole with the salts? or just choose one or the other?
  8. Hey, my male jaguar has developed 'hole in the head' disease just recently. I have increased water changes to 3 times a week and changed his diet. however, what else can i do to help this problem? is there a product out there that someone would recommend to use? or any other from of treatment.....
  9. thanks mate, appreciate the advice! yeah she is pretty small and is her first batch, so my fingers are crossed they all spawn successfully. she is fanning them and looking after them as expected and the male has become very protective of them. hope all turns out ok.
  10. I have a large male jaguar and a smaller female, who has just laid about 100 eggs. i am unsure of what to do now... do i split them up into separate tanks because they are aggressive or will they be ok? and when the fry hatch do I need to put them into another tank? also should i increase water changes while they are still eggs? some info would be great as im new to this right now and they will hatch in a few days time! cheers!
  11. what a great idea, i never would of thought of that! cheers for that. my dads an electrician so ill get some off him. fingers crossed it work!
  12. Thanks heaps for your help, ive been looking around and i think ive found a female jag as it looks like the ones in your pics. however it is only about 10cm and will be attacked if i put it in with the male so i have it in another tank untill it grows. have you had trouble breeding them or is it pretty simple? id love to find a bigger female but they dont exist in SA lol
  13. thanks mate appreciate it, so do all females look as white as this one?
  14. Sorry if this pic doesn't work im only new to this! Can anyone tell me if they think this is a Male or Female Jag? I think its a male.... If so im looking to buy a female of roughly the same size to breed with, if someone has one in Adelaide let me know! Cheers
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