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  1. Proposed laws to make hobbyists register as pet shops

    No it wasn't mentioned.
  2. Proposed laws to make hobbyists register as pet shops

    If they do put a lot of resources into policing this, we should be outraged that our taxes are funding something so ridiculous. Over-regulation is a big problem these days. Not sure of they could justify a fine for selling a fish online and if so it would make a great idea for a story on a current affairs show. E.g. a case study of a kid that sells his goldfish to a friend then gets slapped with a fine.
  3. Proposed laws to make hobbyists register as pet shops

    Everyone should just continue as normal. There is no way the beaurocrats can police everyone.
  4. Lichnochromis acuticeps colouring up

    Yeah I won't be entering these photos into any photography competitions, although highly stylized depictions, these photos are with my dodgy phone camera! I will bring out the slr next time he's showing off to the girls.
  5. Lichnochromis acuticeps colouring up

    I did a water change on my tank and the Lichnochromis Acuticeps fired up. He looks awesome and giving plenty of attention to the females. Not far off breeding now I reckon. I have tamed them up and they are hand-feeding with shrimp which is pretty cool. Anyone else keeping these at the moment?
  6. taeniochromis holotaenia

    Is there any left in Australia? I doubt they are still around.
  7. mylochromis plagiotaenia

    Hi thanks for that. I remember when these first arrived, I think about 2 years ago. At that time, there was a lot of new fish around. I think its possible it might just have been labelled wrong, but yeah my first thoughts were that it did look like an mbuna cross possibly labidochromis hongi. But the hap it was crossed with must have been elongated in that case, and interesting dark splotch under the eye.
  8. mylochromis plagiotaenia

    It looks like a really cool fish, elongated and seems like some yellow coming through up top. Interesting head shape, however not pointed. Mylochromis go through colour transformations at different times in there lives, it would be interesting to see a pic of an adult.
  9. mylochromis plagiotaenia

    I have noticed that there have been a few of these available of recent times. I have had a look at the fish and they appear different to what I have seen online overseas. Interested to hear people's opinions. If they are not mylochromis, is it possible they could be another rare species that was brought in that we should identify, as it is possible they came here under that name?
  10. Advise Needed

    What food do you feed them? A pellet high in carotine such as new life spectrum might bring out more yellow.
  11. 6x2x2 sump vs canisters filter????

    I used to be a sump man for years until i got into cannisters a year or so ago. Now i have a very quiet tank in my living room that doesn't smell. I like to overfilter and i would put 2 large cannisters on that setup. I have 1 fluval fx6 and 2 aqua one nautilus 2700, but you could use 2 big cannisters and just clean them every few months. I would space out the cleaning of the 2 so that you are sure you have plenty of active bacteria e.g. dont clean them both at same time.
  12. best food for conditioning large malawi haps

    Interesting and a good idea. They would be good for buccos and champs and other predators.
  13. Red cap lethrinops

    They are getting long in the tooth. A lot depends on the condition of the fish. Once haps get that old they tend to get thin unless kept in the right conditions. Do the fish have a full body e.g. not thin? If so, then you might still be OK.
  14. nsw cichlid society major auction

    It is interesting wwith albinos - the origin is important and if the albino eye biters come from the same places as the marbled ones it does sound dodgy. The albino red cheek tropheops appear to be OK but I don't know their origin either. The register is a great idea and on the radar. I'm starting a new job on Monday, so busy at the moment settling in for a month or 2. But will look into it in future. The register is a great idea because I have doubts about other species around at the moment that are being bred a lot and circulated a lot.
  15. nsw cichlid society major auction

    i got a couple of red capped lethrinops. other stuff that went through were protomelas fire blue, pseudotropheus willamsi, chilotilapia rhoadesii, bucco rhoadessii, naevochromis chrysogaster.