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  1. Nice - would like to have one myself
  2. static


    make sure you follow the instruction when using medications, and continue with treatment as specified even if the white spot goes and turn the temp up. I believe that some fish may be carriers as I seem to go for a few months without any white spot and the then it reared it self again. no new fish etc. so treat early and follow treatment instruction to the letter. Protozin work for me last time even with my loaches at half dose.
  3. another way is to use a bag sealer to make a long thin waterproof sleive from a think plastic bag and place the sensor in this.
  4. That is the sort of thing I plan to build. buying a couple of those DAQ boards and the software would be the easiest and quickest way to go. The problem I find is cost. I'm a chep dudE and that DrDaq thing is like $160 for like $5 of components. The sensors too are damn expensive too. I'd love a ph probe in each tank but at $100 I'd need to be seeling a while lotta fish to cover it. The Dallas 3 wire temperature ic is one of the two chips I've got. I was thinking of trying to mount one a blob of silicon or on the outside of the tank glass. I know it wouldn't give the fastest or most accurate results but I'm only really looking for when a heater goes nuts and sticks on or off. codyg : The thing wouldn't involve many components. You'd be suprised how easy they are to put together. It is one of those things you think is hard until you actually try. Properley designing the curcuit is the hard bit. I'll try to put something together, maybe on my web page over the next week or two with my designs. Dean ← You chould use a precision temperature sensor ic which is a lot cheaper and faster, but then you would read the temperature via a AD convertor or simular circuitry before the pic or pc
  5. Hi, You would be better of buying a existing commerial type and then opening it up a taking the temperature reading from that, (voltage or current) an sending that to a microcontroller or a pc. The main problem is sealing the temperature probe. I've have used Dallas 3 wire temperature ics in the past, very easy to use with pic mircocontrollers.
  6. nice pic, mine sometimes slepts on its back , very strange to look at.
  7. static

    Yo-Yo loachs

    I have been feeding mine with flake and cut up earth worms, and maybe they get a few trumpet snails to eat too.
  8. got two myself on weekend.
  9. static

    YoYo Loach

    Hi, any one have any experience / advise in keeping these? As I have just added them to my community tank. Troy
  10. The spot/lumps are on the fin and the body.
  11. Hi, I have some gold fish in a pond out the back of my house, the fish have started to have white lumps all over them, fins and body. is this white spot or something else? it doesn't look like the white spot I had in my tropical tank much larger. The water is very cold about 12 degrees. has any one got a idea and how to treat it?
  12. I have used Protozin too, it worked even with my loaches at half dose. Remember to take out any thing you dont wont strained blue thu.
  13. I agree, I have cut pipe with a normal hand wood saw.
  14. static


    I Had the same but the snails clean it off. I beleive it is to do with the lubricate (spelling?) they use in the molding process acts as nutriment for some single organism.
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