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  1. fair enough tranced, I prefer to use this site for my references. http://www.cichlid-forum.com/profiles/category.php?cat=2 yeah, i kind of use both but i think fishbase is more legit? then again they are missing heaps of species, so... who knows lol
  2. they show up on fish base as cynotilapia...
  3. jalo reef, lions cove, pulpicans, hara...?
  4. the problem is that fish cant read :D
  5. heh, me neither! it would be good to get some sort of expert to do an autopsy though, they might be be able to notice subtle things that we would miss...
  6. your moorii probably got bashed by the others... you should keep tropheus in larger groups, or as a lone wolf. skinny disease is a bitch, try praziquantal
  7. heh thats pretty funny! unfortunately, unless you have a microscope and a degree in microbiology then you probably wont get to the bottom of this...
  8. looks to me like the lighting in mysters pic is washing out the colours a bit, making them seem different
  9. now if only they would stop eating their eggs i would be happy
  10. sure, I got them from a local retailer, would you believe it? are there any import restrictions in germany, einparadoxon? i would have thought you could get any species you wanted over there!
  11. i currently have: Haplochromis aneocolor (not actually from the lake, but from nearby satellite lakes) Enterochromis cf. paropius "broken bar" Pundamilia sp. "red head" (zue island) can easily get Astatotilapia burtoni (not from lake victoria, but people seem to lump them together anyway! also, these seems a bit 'off' sometimes, maybe cross bred) Haplochromis sp.44. "Thickskin" (dubious quality... probably cross bred) Xystichromis phytophagus "christmas fulu" (again, dubious quality probably cross bred or mis labeled) Astatotilapia brownae (probably as above ) Phytochromis sp. "salmon" (good ones) Astatotilapia lafasciata (usually pretty washed out looking ime) have seen pics of/heard about Pundamilia nyererei "python island" Pundamilia nyererei "makobe island" Astatotilapia nubila maybe more i have missed...
  12. i have also kept clown loaches ~7+cm with mbuna in large tanks with no worries. I avoid certain fish i.e. auratus like the plague though
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