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  1. TANK SIZE/VOLUME: 6' by 18" by 14" FILTRATION: 1300 lph cannister with Matrix SUBSTRATE: 2-3mm crushed coral ROCKS/DECOR: River rocks and PVC pipe BACKGROUND: Black HEATING: 300 W Aqua one LIGHTING: 4ft T8 White STOCKLIST (SPECIES/NUMBERS): 18 F1 and F2 Dubs/ 30 Ikola K1(20 F1 and 10 from german parents) WATER CHANGE AMOUNT/FREQUENCY: 25-30 % - 2 times a week. BUFFERS/SALTS: Tanganyikan Buffer PH/KH/GH/TEMP: 7.86/?/?/26.C
  2. Craig it has 12mm glass those pics were sent to me to show the tank i have a stand and foam here ready for it thanx for the concern though on another note would it be best to add more bracing for strength??
  3. Hey mate i was lucky enough to buy 20kgs of it up here in Bathurst off another breeder i have been searching for more only place so far is Age of Aquariums if i end up finding some closer to home will let you know
  4. yeah im going to get a glass bloke to come around in drill a couple of holes in the back of the tank still in the process of drawing up plans for the stand and the plumbing
  5. Thought i would start a thread on my 2 6ft tanks 1. 6ft long by 3ft high by 2ft wide Stock list 15 F1 Kigoma Frontosa Gold Comps (unsure on amount as yet) substrate - tahitian moonsand decor - combination of some rock i found and 100mm pvc pipe filtration - undecided on this so some advice would be good (pls note no holes drilled in tank) Lighting - white and blue LEDS (lunar lighting) Background - Black Tank 2 6 * 2 * 2 Stock list 15 Burundi Frontosa 6 blue Moori Dolphins black Calvus Substrate - Sydney washed sand mixed with crushed coral Decor combination of slate and 2 terracotta pots Filtration - 2.5ft sump with 3500lph pump (sump includes sponge, bio balls, and Matrix) Lighting - same as tank 1 Background - Black i will starts pic off with the tank 1 neither project started as yet we currently moving house i will keep adding photos as the 2 projects come together advice welcomed cheers tank 1 tank 1
  6. hey mate i had a similar thing happen to my fry lost around the 100 mark i tried metro but it didnt work in the end i used melafix and also daily water changes i saved around 60 fry no idea what caused them to die just happy one minute then bang the just dropped HTH
  7. think you would also find a 3ft a bit small for tropheus as well tropheus need to be kept in a large group of around 20 or so to minimise aggression 6ft minimun for the fronts you can get away with a 4ft for trophs with good filtration cheers
  8. Wow seen these tanks today in person and im lost for words its just breath taking thanx Craig for showing me your tanks , hopefully one day i will get to see them again
  9. thanx guys tonight i moved some fish around i now have the duboisi in thier own tank i also have burundi fronnies as well so they are now moved in with the 7 bar at this stage we moving house shortly so both frontosa colonies will have their own 6by2by2 setups cheers Chris for that link i will pm Jamie and see if he has any coming up
  10. just a few pics of my Tangs FI Kigoma F1 Tropheus Duboisi Dubiosi Juvies Tank shot (6ft) need an id on this guy/girl i think its mpulingu or however its spelt come someone please confirm in total there 14 F1 Kigoma and 23 Dubiosi and 1 of the other tropheus varient
  11. not long ago my trio had a big batch of babies first lot died when they got to 1.5cm this time i just let the fry go loose in my tank and i had minimal loss still looks around 80 still kicking around my bns are crossed together one batch gives me all commons and my other pr gives me 50/50 i would suggest that when the fry is released past daddy give them some zuchinni or some sort of vegetable this will give them a healthier diet straight up and more chance of surviving
  12. they would be only in a school at this stage cause they would feel much safer i notice sometimes when introducing fish they will stay together in a school for a week or so then they start acting normal and become themselves again
  13. if there nothin wrong with water quality i would just leave them be for a couple of weeks i think your males might only be faded at this stage because they are yet to establish their territories once this is done the colour should return thats my opinion anyway leave the lights off for a few days this will help with the skittish side of things cheers
  14. a little while ago i purchased some yellow kingsizie about 2 weeks ago one of my females was holding so i stripped her and got 15 fry from her after being away for a few days i come home to find 2 of the fry are albino does this happen a bit or is this rare i purchased these as fry from a breeder and i have been assured they are not crossed with anything
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