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  1. Hey all. My friend has a small tank with these plants in it, he isn't sure what they are and would like to know what they are. Any info would be great, especially what type of lighting they would need in order to thrive, Thanks Adam http://s862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/AussieGeckoman/?action=view&current=100_2574.jpg
  2. I would be careful, bed slats aren't usually structural.
  3. Elapid

    NLS bucket prices

    I have ordered food from overseas and got it numerous times and have also physically carried over 5 kilos of different food through Customs.....Was declared as exactly what it was and they didn't check it.
  4. I had a 4x2x2 sitting on one of those, was going to use porsa for a 3 foot rack. They are very popular in Europe. There is a place in Sydney that sells it, I will dig up the website for you.
  5. Elapid

    Sydney water

    I'm not really sure what your point is? I didn't mention pH, I mentioned hardness.......
  6. Elapid

    Sydney water

    Classic sign of water being too hard. It's makes the egg casing too hard and hence won't hatch. There are ways to help them hatch but they can be a little fiddley
  7. Don't bother going with whiptails, you will figure out how to raise the fry very easily. Here is a tip: They don't like any flow at all as fry
  8. I usually change 30% weekly per tank. What type of peat should I try filtering water through? I usually do straight tap water with conditioner for changes so will need to get a decent sized storage tub. Cheers
  9. I usually check the tap water pH about every 6 weeks or so for my own amusement more than anything and it has always been a stable 7.6. Today I checked it and it is sitting at 8.6!!! Recently we had Ecoli in our water supply so had to boil before drinking etc so I am guessing a treatment they have used has caused the spike. My question is how can I get it down to a lower level safely? I know a higher stable pH is better than a fluctuating lower one but really want to get it down due to my catfish. Any help appreciated.
  10. Is anyone from Newcastle taking any of Michaels/Andys line of yellows?
  11. Elapid

    NLS bucket prices

    I used to get NLS for $100 a bucket but the person I got them off no longer does them. At my local I can get it for $130.....which isn't bad at all. I like Flora better than NLS but I can't get a well priced supply here and once you factor in shipping from online it works out better just to buy NLS locally
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