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  1. Scienceman

    Anatomy of a tank crash

    Hey dobbin4, your suggestions are all good. I havent had a major problem in the 5 years I have had the tank set up and from what I hear, it happens to most people sometime, so I guess 5 years is pretty good. I also think I was a little complacent about it happening to me. If only the teenager had been able to call me it could all have been adverted. Unfortunately I dont have any good local friend with fish-keeping skills so was forced to use untrained labour. I showed him how to cope with a power blackout a couple of years ago and when it did happen he managed fine. I'll be taking more care with a marine set up though, the cost of a crash is so much more.
  2. Scienceman

    Anatomy of a tank crash

    HI all, I haven't been on these forums for quite a few years because when I got my 6ft display tank up and running and stable the only thing I had to do was repace the odd death due to misfortune or non-transmitable disease - until Sunday...... On returning from 10 days camping I came home to 400L of rancid fish soup I have analysed the situation as best I could and would like to provide some observations so that others might be aware of how this could happen to them. As I said, I have had the tank up and running for over 5 years and so this was totally expected. Often when a plane crashes it is because of multiple failures, which in isolation are survivable, but if they occur in close sequence can bring down a plane. This is what happended to me. A teenage neighbour with no fish-keeping skills was "tank sitting" for me. I gave him a list of dates and what was required, along with my contact information should there be any problems. Feeding was supposed to be twice during the week. * He lost the paper * He started feeding them every day * They went off their food, and instead of stopping, he continued to feed * the tank was comming up to needing a water change and so was "on the edge" of permissible nitrates etc * an impeller on one of my Fluval filters broke. This filter was set up to remove particulates from the water. He didnt pick up on this. * He didnt think to ask his mum if she had our mobile number and basically stopped visiting when he saw it was crashing and didnt know what to do. Survivers were the bristlenose. They must be tougher than carp. I rescued them and my 10yo girl now has her first 30L tank with these as residents. I got the fitler going, buried ~1kg of dead fish, emptied the tank, filled it with fresh water and added 0.1% sodium hyperchloride (bleach). I needed to sterilise everything and after cleaning and drying, the residual bleach will be inactivated by UV light from sunlight over time. I was planning on decommissioning the cichlid tank later in 2010 and setting up a marine reef. So for now I will leave the tank fallow while I start the planning and saving for the set-up cost of going marine. I guess one crash in 5 years wasnt that bad but I had some favourite fish which died in this crash that I am saddened for. Especially one big male electric yellow called Nugget. He was a lovely deep golden colour and solid with a boffy head. He has sired many offspring which were distributed to LFS, friends etc so his genes will live on. If any here also have marine, you will find me starting to post on the MASA website still as Scienceman. I'll be a newbie again but thats half the fun. See you later aligator
  3. Scienceman

    Ugly eye wound

    At first I thought this was a physical injury caused by hitting rocks at night and fighting but now it has gotten worse and has developed under the eye as well. The eye is also swollen. I can only think that it is a bacterial infection that is eating into the tissue. He is off his food and I am facing having to put him down if it doesnt get better soon. I have added rock salt to 1g/L but dont know what else to do. Any suggestions?
  4. Scienceman

    swim bladder problem

    Yeah, some I dont mind loosing but others become friends. I got him and his brother from Ducksta many years ago at 4cm and they were from excellent stock (Brisbane I think). They grew up to be big boof-headed brothers with noggins the size of an old-man snapper. They are an excellent blue with a slight irridescent sheen. I'll dig out some photos and post as a tribute to him once he is gone.
  5. Scienceman

    swim bladder problem

    Sounds like the opposite problem. He now has trouble keeping on an even keel and is swimming with difficulty on his side. Looking pretty exhausted so I dont think he will live for much longer.
  6. Scienceman

    swim bladder problem

    I have a 4yo blue dolphin who has recently developed a swim bladder problem. He now floats or swims with his tail up and has trouble swimming level. I am guessing there isnt much I can do but watch him dye from exhaustion
  7. Scienceman

    Leaking Eheim Pro II 2028

    My Eheim Pro II 2028 works fine when powered up but when the power is turned off it immediately starts leaking from under the head unit and down the sides. What the !!!!!!! I've had a look at how to disassemble the pump / head unit to check seals but it doesnt seem so straigth forward so I left it alone. Could the priming depressor seal be gone perhaps? I checked and am pretty sure its not the o-ring which seals the body to the head but is coming from somewhere within the pump / head unit. Any suggestions at all are welcome, especially if someone knows what might be going on - HELP!!!!
  8. Scienceman

    6x2x2 In-Wall Tank Journal

    A couple of suggestions based on my 4yo 6' mixed Malawi tank which sits between lounge and dining room on a low dividing wall. 1. buy MUCH bigger canister filters with higher flow rates than you initially calculate based on volume. The reason is that: - you will likely be attracted to and buy more fish over time - some fish grow quite big - any algae / bacteria growh in the tubing will slow flow rate so more flow means longer between cleans - some fish will breed. You may think you are buying all males but when small, mistakes are easily made and sometimes you might want a female to encourage your male to colour up and display 2. Buy 2 big canisters and set up one with just noodles and no filter mats. This will be for biological filtration only and only need cleaing once or twice a year, if at all. The second canister, just fill with filter mat materials. This will be your particulate (poo) filter and will require cleaning every 4-8 weeks. Good luck and enjoy the result.
  9. Finally decided to move him on to the big fish-tank in the sky (via the freezer). He has had an internal lump which became very pronounced, pushing scales out and even the bottom of his rib bones started to push through the skin. Stopped eating and had trouble staying upright. Did a disection as I wanted to make sure it was not an internal parrasie that might infect the whole tank. Found a large liquid filled cavity behind his swim bladder pushing to one side of his body. Think it was likely an ulcer as tumors are usually solid masses whereas this was filled with a blackish clear fluid with some blood. He was 20cm long and a great looking fish. Sad to see him go as he was top-dog of the tank and had a lot of personality.
  10. Scienceman


    I have a 2yo sulfur crested lithobates who rules my community tank. I have recently noticed a large lump on his right flank just below the lateral line and about 2 cm back from his gills. It seems too high and forward to be associated with his gut cavity and there are no skin breaks or lesions. It seems to be deep in the muscle. Swims OK, still eating and patrolling the tank so it is not affecting his health (yet). Anyone seen this before?
  11. Scienceman

    In-line UV sterilizer

    Yeah, I thought about this but I am not sure how it gets established so quickly. It can either be from a thin layer left on the tubing surface after cleaning or perhaps from bacteria in the water which starts growing on the tubing. I suspect it is the first but I have "sterilized" the tubing in bleach and it did not slow its return. I never had the problem for 18 months then - wham - needs cleaning every 2 weeks????? I have a bottle brush inserted midway down a length of poly-rope which I push down the tubing and then pull it back and forth but its a pain having to remove tubing from 2 canister filters, all attachments, take them outside and clean, rinse, and reconnect.
  12. Scienceman

    In-line UV sterilizer

    I have a very specific question - will installing a UV sterilizer help reduce or prevent a mucky filamentous bacteria which grows in my filter tubing (inlet & outlet, see-through-green and non-transparant)? I now have to completely remove and clean out the tubing every 2 weeks as it builds up and restricts flow significantly, up to 90%. Has anybody had this problem and found an improvement when they added a UV sterilizer? Would I require one on each filter (canister) or just one for the tank?
  13. Scienceman

    buying fish

    I set up a community tank about 1.5 years ago: - Erina is not too bad and I got some OK maingano's there, bit expensive though - beware of some retailers as they stimulate colour in juviniles with additives in the food - many of the retailers only sell very young fish so there is no way to tell the sex or colour quality - go with other ACE members selling fish. Got most of mine this way and generally very good. But might have to travel to Sydney for some species not on the coast or Newcastle. I will be selling some excess e.yellows, female e.blues and female flametails in the near future so look in the forums regularly to see what is about.
  14. Scienceman

    Ngara flametail

    Hey Mike, how long did it take your fish to develop colour? I have some I got as fry (~1cm) and are now ~6cm after 12 months but still dont have any colour. I am certain one is a male as two others have had mouthfulls. I got these from Ducksta but not sure where the parents came from.
  15. Scienceman

    "Don't eat the yellow ones"

    Actually Duck my only girl is one of the ones I got from you (sorry, gave the others to a LFS due to poor colouration when they grew up a bit). However she is a prolific breeder, pausing for only about a week between spitting and having a new moughful. At the end she spits ~ 3-6 fry with 1 or 2 surviving. Not sure what to do as I am already at maximum capacity and they are very tricky buggers to catch in a well-rocked tank. Knowing my luck some will be female and my big boy - Nugget will crack onto them as well, filling the tank with yellows.