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  1. This might help..... Glenn http://www.petlink.com.au/Classifieds/sale/2493007.html
  2. If you have the standard gravel vac/syphon and a gardern hose the water out bit shouldn't be too bad. You run the hose out the door/window etc and use the gravel vac to start the siphon over a bucket. You should be able to quickly jam the clear vinyl tube while it is running into the garden hose, saves having to gou out side to start the siphon. Back filling is usually a problem whenn trying to connect a hose to a mixer tap inside. Good luck trying to improvise that one. Glenn
  3. I am interested to hear this, my fish are still too young to breed but I was wondering about the egg spots as some of the smaller orange ones are showing them too. Unfortunately i don't have the best eyesight so venting is difficult for me, it looks like I should wait a little longer before i pull out the two big orange ones. thanks for the info. Glenn
  4. Hey Chris, thanks for the comments.. The you tubes I have looked at certainly back yuou up, my "females" are nowhere near as orange yet. The blue ones are a bit drab too but i think this is because of the two dominanat yellow males. Will pull them out of the group and see how it settles. Cheers, Glenn
  5. Hi all, I have a group of fish which were sold to me as Red Zebra Minos Reef variant. My understanding is that the males are blue and the females are yellow/orange. I have 2 blue ones with 6 of the yellow and it now looks like two of the yellow ones are males. They certainly dominate the colony and are showing some egg spots. Just wondering if anyone else has kept these and if this is normal for them. I guess otherwise they may have been hybidised somewhere along the way. Any feedback would be appreciated. thanks, Glenn
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