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  1. having trouble uploading but if you goto my lithoman cichlids facebook page you will see my original albino red emp let me know what you think he died but i sold a fair few fry from him and i have a small colony growing out hoping some turn out nice
  2. hi mate I have had them for a while now too me they look exactly a albino red empress... Some of the males come out stunning Trying to grow out another colony
  3. how long have you had him for ? And just a odd question ..any hormone food feeding ? while super g ..white crane ?
  4. how was it ? busy ? and how many lots ? roughly i was working
  5. yep ducksta thats exactly it people assume its a male and get rid of it Some of my main females have nice black markings looking like males. i have currently another batch of 40 or so growing oput for my next colony..Everytime i see a female holding i remove from group and by then they will be 5-7cm and start to handpick
  6. from my experience...what happens is people like my self and many others..grow up 50+ yellows and hand pick the ones with "" no white and so on"" and try and keep breeding the all round yellow ones And some of them get a deep yellow colour...while i choose my next colony to grow up and breed i like choosing the deeper yellow colour with good black finage..... and like you know been around for a while all it takes is a different back round or gravel and these yellows change but to answer your question its people line breeding them and being pedantic about having """" the best yellows"""" """" german ones """ that has made them look more yellow than they do.....and food
  7. hi mate the dom male is hard on females and other males but i have had very little die from it i have a tank atm as far as i know atleast 7 boys all 7-10cm and no real aggression 4ft Something else maybe worng unless u seeing them all beaten up and dead
  8. NICE Yes you will like the danichi food And its worth the trip to see andrew im there a couple of times a month myself lol
  9. 7 hours for 1 fish looks good .. the person you got it from does he or she breed them ?
  10. LithoMan


    anywhere is ok i just throw them in my tank...the more the better...you can even drill a hole straight through(airline thickness) a coulpe of them and drop on the airline you have with the airstone. to have water passing them feed well... water changes weekly all should be good and if you have a couple of med size catfish they clean up
  11. LithoMan


    drop a handfull of marine pure balls in there ....dont clean sponge filter as much and do 20-25 % water changes weekly and depends what and how much you feeding them..
  12. males are very hard on the females 90% end up losing breeding colonies fingers crossed some still out there intern1 pumped out a fair few back in the days when they arrived ..
  13. nice fish i saw some at andrews shop labyrinth
  14. if you saying williamsi blue lips nope what ever the fish is ...only thing i can suggest is ..it was sold to you as unkown or a maybe ....so i would not put a name on it and breed it and sell to public..but for your self as an experiment grow the fry out and see the results...those fish look old and tired see what the fry will look like.... but until you are 100% sure they fall under UNKOWN or Hybrid
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